Tuesday, August 22, 2017

chin / forehead rotation

This is Josh Whedon. Never heard of the guy. But I should. Apparently he's famous. Apparently I even watched the shows he's produced. And apparently behind the scenes he's been very naughty.

But I don't care.

His ex-wife cares. And politically-minded bloggers who focus on things such a feminism care. But I still don't and these concerned people cannot make me.

What I do care about is how nature compensates for dudes who lose the hair on their heads.

It's absurd.

They grow it other places. Their necks, their chins, their shoulders, their torsos, their ears. It's a testosterone thing. And it really does balance.


Ace wrote about him today, in a chiding way. That's where I saw the name. But no photo. So I looked in browser images.

He looks like a nice person.

Were I to post this on a Photoshop site then a commenter is sure to say, "seamless." Referring to the inept lazy absence of feathering and tonal blending that results in sharp edges such as cut out of paper with scissors. A harmless slam. Knowing I'm just being silly and not trying to make art. 


BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

Hollywood assholes are ezpessly butt hurt over the loss of queen Hillary.

Leland said...

Joss is a sci-writer in an age when that community has been taken over by SJW's (to understand the depth of take over, look up Hugo Awards and Sick Puppies). I know Joss popularity with feminists, as he wrote Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which has a leading female role that kicks butts. Because like Wonder Woman movie and Ghostbusters Answer the Call; nobody under 30 ever heard of Wonder Woman TV show, Bionic Woman, Charlie's Angels, etc because Hollywood was always misogynist until the babes woke.

I myself enjoyed Firefly, and even more conservative sci-for fans enjoyed that Whedon put in some depth and heightened drama by allowing main characters to actually die off. It's like Star Trek accept more than just Red Shirts died. And Liberterians loved the anti-governmemt self-reliance narrative.

However, I noticed that Joss Whedon tended to hire young models as actors and give them roles that frequently involved nudity and prostitution. Good tv for some, but the frequency of it I think gave an insight into his own views.

Sixty Grit said...

His ex-wife stated that he was dicking bimbos at home, and at the office. Sounds pretty feministic to me.

I liked his work, but his strident hatred of normalcy is tiresome.

ricpic said...


If you stroke your chin to show you're thinking but it's really your forehead
The penalty is automatic loss of first down for fielding a redundant imbed.

ricpic said...

For fingering a redundant imbed woulda been better boo hoo.

Rabel said...

I've come to believe that in order to rise to the top in Hollywood one must be a complete and total asshole. There may be a few exceptions.

This may explain why so many characters in movies, including secondary characters representing ordinary people, are complete and total assholes. They are made in the image of their creators.

On the other hand, there is that saying about what it means if everyone around you seems to be an asshole.

Amartel said...

Virtue signalling is all just deflection and projection.
Whatever they're noisily protesting - fascism, sexism, racism, homotransphobia, endless war - that's what they're really all about. That's their passion! They are totally in favor of that thing but they don't want to have to put up with a guilt trip or otherwise be personally inconvenienced with debate so they make a big SHOW of being opposed ... on Facebook or Twitter or (if famous) in an Op-Ed or an interview. Then they freely go right on with their personal ismphobias.
Example: Hollywood celebs lecturing people about paying taxes. Esp annoying coming from British ex-pats. Tax dodgers should not lecture about paying taxes.
Example: "Anti"fa is so fa and BLM is totally serious and up front about their racism which they incorrectly think is somehow "off limits" (it's not)
Example: Anyone referring to himself as a "person of color"
Example: This find a hole and fill it feminist dude who does not allow himself to be limited to bonking just his wife because other needy women have needs, too!