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I'm Only Happy When it Rains

You killed Jerry!

Trump tells the Truth again....Anti-Trump fanatics scream he is whining!

Brietbart News April 16, 2016
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he didn’t want to waste money in Colorado and Wyoming “to essentially pay off all these people” and “I’ve understood this for a long time, I’ve never said anything, because frankly, I wasn’t involved in politics other than on the other side. I used to be establishment” on Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”
Trump was asked [relevant exchange begins around 4:20] “It is being mirrored in Wyoming, they have 14 delegates up for grabs, and it’s republican powerhouse that are going to be picking according to some — but it is the rules, and it was that way from the beginning, and from the Cruz campaign, from their side, they’re saying, we put in the face time, we put in the ground game, we put in the effort, and — over the long haul, and that’s the way you win a presidential campaign, if Donald trump is a dealmaker and doesn’t letting anything get in his way, why didn’t he know the rules and set out the ground game the same way?”

Summer Movies You Don't Want to See

"Chinese Cave People at the Olive Garden: Eat, Drink, Man, Woman."

Transpanda sex with Charles Bukowski


we are always asked
to understand the other person's
no matter how
foolish or

one is asked
to view
their total error
their life-waste
especially if they are

Enough with the Mustache Pete's

Charley walked into the barber shop at the crack of noon. He had wandered down from his residential room and wanted to spruce up after his usual room service breakfast to spruce up before his usual round of meetings and sitdowns.

“Good morning Senor Ross…I be witcha in a minute” said Enrico the barber. There were a few Italians that worked in the toney WASP world of the Waldorf Astoria. Charley was just about the only Italian that stayed there. It was toney not Tony.

Charley stopped short. He recognized the stubby body under the towel in the chair. It was Albert. He didn’t belong there. Charley was always wary when somebody showed up where they weren't supposed to be.

April 16, 2016, Denver, 2:30 PM

It's the perfect time to head out and do things. Hardly anything is moving. Everybody is saying, "Eh, all we have to do is wait awhile and it will be clear again." And it's all clear streets and available parking. It's a pleasant April storm.

"I'm 93 baby, when you're pushing a century there is no take two"

"Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones reportedly booked for 'biggest concert in history'"
Billboard is among multiple sources to report that Goldenvoice Entertainment, the promoters behind Coachella Festival, will hold the festival in Indio, California between October 7-9. It will take place on the same site as Coachella.
As well as the aforementioned artists, The WhoNeil Young and Pink Floyd's Roger Waters have also signed up for the three-day event, according to the reports. The headline acts are expected to be paid $7 million each for their sets.
"It's so special in so many ways," Young's longtime manager Elliot Roberts reportedly told The LA Times. "You won't get a chance to see a bill like this, perhaps ever again. It's a show I look forward to more than any show in a long time."
News of the concert reminded me of another attempt to bring the music industry greats together.

The sexual politics of syntax in Rosmarie Waldrop's poetry

The New Yorker:  From Dickinson to Stein to Susan Howe, American women’s disruptions of syntactical order have been a form of sexual power. Waldrop’s feminism, expressed in lacunae and “gaps,” implicitly mocks the need for accuracy and literal expression, here imagined as essentially male. We all know about men and their fixations with measurement: “I PUT A RULER in my handbag,” Waldrop writes, in “Lawn of Excluded Middle,” “having heard men talk about their sex.” The little “ruler” she totes along with her is the sort you find in a pencil case and the sort you find on a throne.

Waldrop’s poems are not for the nerdy-flirty name-tagged poststructuralists at the M.L.A. bar. Her poems decant nicely into theory, but their indeterminacies are an extension of her temperament, as well as the by-product of a remarkable marriage in which each party scrutinizes the other’s language, sometimes as a form of flirtation, often as a demonstration of power. In “Feverish Propositions,” the man has the thermometer, the woman has the fever: he takes her temperature, which, she says, she “had thought to save for a more difficult day.” These old lovers are still bickering over the meaning of words like “take”: the man accuses the woman of “stealing” his pencil, as though in revenge for his theft of her temperature, then holds his head in his hands, since, she informs us, “it could not be contained in itself,” and its contents are useless without that pencil to write them down. I don’t know a smarter or more moving glimpse into the sexual politics of a marriage between writers, the control of language—even the language of this poem—yanked back and forth between fearsome equals. The man’s tantrums and come-ons are all reported by the woman. He is given the last word. But, in this little parable of marital give-and-take, the last word is very much hers to give.  (read more)

100 years, 100 shots

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Things that make you go hmmm.

"The biggest news outlets have published more negative stories about Hillary Clinton than any other presidential candidate — including Donald Trump — since January 2015, according to a new analysis of hundreds of thousands of online stories published since last year.
Clinton has not only been hammered by the most negative coverage but the media also wrote the smallest proportion of positive stories about her, reports Crimson Hexagon, a social media software analytics company based out of Boston."

"Appeals court reverses ruling that threw out teacher tenure in California"

"In a major victory for unions, a California appeals court on Thursday reversed a lower court ruling that had thrown out tenure and other job protections for the state's public school teachers.
...“I think it’s a win certainly for educators, but also a win for students,” California Teachers Assn. President Eric C. Heins said of the ruling. “The trial never made the connection between the harms [the plaintiffs] were alleging and the statutes they were challenging. I think the laws have been working.”
...Lawyers representing the plaintiffs, a diverse group of nine students, vowed Thursday to file an appeal with the state Supreme Court.
...The appellate court decision overturned the 2014 ruling in Vergara vs. California, which held that several key job protections for teachers were so harmful that they deprived students of their constitutional right to an education.
In that case, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu had sided with the plaintiffs, saying the tenure system resulted in educational malpractice that “shocks the conscience.”
The effect of the rules, he said, was to allow ineffective teachers to keep their jobs and subject students — especially poor and minority ones — to inferior schooling that could stunt their futures."

If you can draw it, we can build it

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The same genetic mutation leads to dramatically different results.

David Epstein wrote a book about the intersection of genetics and sports and that put him in contact with a lot a of crazy people. He stopped looking at inquiries until he noticed the subject heading of one message reading, “Olympic medalist and muscular dystrophy patient with the same mutation.” That interested him and it put him contact with an impressive woman named Jill who diagnosed her own rare condition, collected information about it, and eventually contacted Italian researchers looking into her specific and very rare genetic mutation.

Through her research into her family she was able to warn her father of the hazards of his own condition that he passed onto her and her sibs stirring him to look into something he had ignored. Her warning prolonged her father's life by decades.

During a holiday gathering Jill's sister was researching her own related genetic condition and noticed a photograph of an olympic runner showing the same lack of fat around certain muscles while running that seemed odd and showed it to Jill's who made the connection to her own condition by her advanced eye. Jill was shown one picture of the athlete and became obsessed. She looked at more pictures of Pricilla the athlete in Google images of her doing ordinary things. She saw the same effects on the athlete's well-muscled body that she sees in her own deteriorating body. She contacted the athlete. They agreed to meet.
Jill and Priscilla spoke on the phone several times. Then, eight months after I introduced them, they agreed to meet in person. They picked a hotel lobby in Toronto, where Priscilla lived. Jill arrived first, with her mom. 
She watched the clock. It ticked past the time they were supposed to meet. Jill got scared. This was a crazy thing she was doing. What if Priscilla had decided not to show? She watched the door. And when Priscilla walked in, Jill’s first thought was “Oh my gosh, it’s like seeing family.” 
Priscilla felt the same way.  “It really was just a wow moment,” Priscilla says. “Like, do I know you?” The two women started flexing for one another. Priscilla’s muscles many times larger, but with the same definition exposed by a lack of fat. They even retreated to a hallway in the hotel to compare body parts. “There is something real here,” Priscilla recalls thinking. “Let’s research. Let’s find out. Because how could the gene do this to you and this to me? That was what my question was. How?” 
Jill offered Priscilla a cashier’s check, money that had been raised for research in a memorial fund after her father’s death. Jill hoped Priscilla would take it and use it to pay for a genetic test. And Priscilla agreed.
Turns out they do share the same mutation. Pricilla had been subjected to intense scrutiny due to suspicion of using enhancing drugs. Due to Jill's correctly suspecting Pricilla's condition Pricilla was alerted to elevated triglyceride level in her bloodstream that would have  killed her.


Embalming Fruit Slices Update

[continuation from here]

Lemon and lime slices treated in glycerin for one week
A week's immersion in glycerin changes a fruit. I observed some crenation and some color fading -- unacceptable for Plastic Realities. I already knew that raw, untreated fruit is incompatible with my resin, so my next thought was to soak them in glycerin just long enough to dehydrate the surface. I wanted to press forward with some resin casting experiments and so I set up a series of comparative experiments: raw, untreated fruit; 1 hour-treated fruit, and the 1-week treated fruit. I should know the results by morning.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Don't watch the first five minutes of the Real Housewives of New York.  They have  a bra fitting party of all things and Carole Radziwill parades around in her bra and panties.


Sheldon Silvers J date Profile

Shelly 69

Man seeking Woman. Or several Women

Age: Old enough to know better
Height: Hobbit like
Weight: I am a Heavyweight. Ask anybody
Religious Preferences: Orthodox
Sexual Preferences: Anything Unorthodox (no sheets with a hole in it, but you can keep your wig on)

Hi. I like long walks in the rain, reviewing legislation, collecting graft from no show jobs, collecting blow jobs, being one of the three men in the room even if there is only one girl. I like to Shepard extremely liberal legislation that directly contradicts the tenets of my faith. Being a hypocrite. Keeping the Sabbath holy  and keeping kosher unless I am getting to put my meat in your milk bags.

I also love lobbyists and the money they can make you. Please include a photo and a financial statement along with a brief synopsis of what you can do for me.

Oh, also no shwatzes.

"Consciousness occurs in 'time slices' lasting only milliseconds, study suggests"

According to Herzog and fellow researcher Frank Scharnowski from the University of Zurich, neither the ‘continuous’ nor ‘discrete’ hypotheses can by themselves aptly describe how we process the world around us, as numerous studies testing people’s visual awareness seem to disprove both notions.

But what if elements of both hypotheses were taking place at the same time in a continuous interplay between conscious and unconscious thought?

“According to our model, the elements of a visual scene are first unconsciously analysed. This period can last up to 400 ms and involves, amongst other processes, the analysis of stimulus features such as the orientation or colour of elements and temporal features such as object duration and object simultaneity,” the authors write in PLOS Biology.

After this analysis is complete, the researchers say the features we’ve detected are integrated into our conscious perception, compressing all the unconscious recording into something we’re actually aware of.

In other words, while we’re taking the world in, we’re not actually consciously perceiving it. Instead, we’re just mutely using our senses to record data for up to 400 ms at a time. Then, in what could be called a moment of clarity, we consciously perceive the stimuli that our senses have detected.

The team thinks this presentation of information to our consciousness lasts for about 50 milliseconds, during which we also stop taking new sensory information in. And then repeat. (read more)

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WKRLEM: New York Values

We got six friggin zoo's!

Donald Trump made a great speech about New York Values

Donald Trump made a very entertaining and informative speech at the Republican Gala in NYC last night. I don't know if you saw it but they played it in its entirety on FOX last night.

It wasn't really a political speech. In fact Trump said who wants to talk politics all the time. He said that was boring. In fact he talked about the fact the he built the hotel that the event was in the Grand Hyatt. He talked about the problems involved in keeping some of the historical facade while building out from the superstructure. Then he reminisced about other projects he had built. The Javits center on the West Side that I go to all the times for the lingerie show. The Wollman skating rink. Other buildings and Hotels and Wall St. Properties. He talked about dealing with New York Politicians like Hugh Carey and Ed Koch and movers and shakers like Richard Ravitch. Nostalgic names for me because I remember all those guys. He talked about the problems of building in New York. He told funny stories about building the ice skating rink in Central Park. How the government screwed it up. Used copper pipes that got ripped off every night. Used workers who were always on lunch breaks. How they poured concrete one truck at a time so it set wrong and was lopsided. He lined up all the trucks he needed to do a contiguous pour. Of course that was mobbed up concrete companies but whatever.

The important thing is he talked about things he had actually done. Things he had built. Landmarks in the city. Deals he had to make with sleazy politicians and unions and yes even the mobbed up companies that are part and parcel of the business environment. Something that Ted Cruz has never done. He has never built anything. He has never been responsible for meeting a payroll or finishing something at a deadline. In fact he is most famous for shutting down the government because they could not meet a deadline to complete the budget.

This was the real Donald Trump. At least the Donald Trump I know. Funny. Warm. Personable. Self depreciating at times. Still a big ego. Still grandiose and gauche. But a recognizable New York character. A mover and a shaker. A macher and a mensch.

He will make mistakes. He will fail here and there just the way he did in business. Because not every deal works out. But in the end he will have built something. Just like the hotel he was speaking in. Just like the Javitts Center or the Skating Rink. He will have left something other than a string of broken promises and failed bills.

You saw New York Values in action. You make the call.

Not the Onion: Thousands of teachers flock to ‘White Privilege Conference’

The annual event is aimed at promoting the theory of White Privilege – that American society is hopelessly stacked against minorities and the only way to fix the system is for white people to acknowledge their immense “privilege” and repent.
“Our vision is to build a community committed to dismantling white privilege, white supremacy and oppression, every day, everywhere,” wrote Eddie Moore Jr., founder and president of “The Privilege Institute,” which organizes the event.
“WPC fosters an environment where every participant can engage deeply, and then through our Accountability program, bring what they have learned back to their own community so that their WPC experience impacts their lives, employment, and community all year long.”
Metro reports 2,500 teachers, school administrators and counselors will attend the conference — the largest attendance to date.

"Why did Hillary Clinton leave Good Morning America in the lurch by pulling out of live town hall just hours before the event on Friday?"

  • -Hillary Clinton will not appear at a scheduled live town hall on Friday morning

  • -The presidential hopeful was to appear on Good Morning America for the event 

  • -ABC cited a 'scheduling issue' as the reason for the cancelled event

  • -See more on the Democratic primary at


    "Great Falls, Montana. Return after 3 wks Vacation. June 27, 1964."

    Thursday, April 14, 2016

    Category H: bird parts.

    This group is small.

    H1 head of duck  wšn  that's w-sh-n, could be useful triliteral. Abbreviation for "birds" 3pdw that's ah-p-e-w. 

    H2 head of crested bird mac  that's ma-eh 

    H3 spoonbill's head p3q that's p-ah-q

    H4 vulture's head determinative mrw, I'm thinking merow for "dread"  

    H5 wing dnḥ, that's d-n-ech sound

    H6 feather, š w,  schwe
    H6a same

    H7 bird's leg Š3t, sh-ah-t

    H8 egg swḥṯ, that's sw-heh-th

    This is my least favorite group hardly worth talking about. I'll regale you with two incredibly stupid bird part related stories instead. Both are true. Both are embarrassing. Both make me dislike bird parts. 

    I am brought to room with other children and placed at a school desk. A woman is teaching the whole class a song. But it is not school, it is not church, it is nothing I know. It is some transitional thing. Whatever it is, this is the only such class. A few women are managing the class only one, a guest it seems is teaching us a song. 

    I ask, "What does Alouette mean?" 

    "It means "lark" 

    "What's a lark?" 

    "A bird." 

    You see where this is going. I don't care for the explanation. You don't taunt your food as you prepare it. It's equivalent is using a frying chicken as hand puppet, or the goldfish in a blender gag. And it isn't just me thinking it either, none of us could understand this. For some reason adults want this song to be sung in innocent children's voices to add to the contrast, I suppose.

    So there's that. 

    Then some fifteen years later there is the chicken fryer vs chicken roaster experiment. 

    I didn't know what I was doing. I saw Julia Child butcher a chicken and recommend it. I was trying to learn, trying to understand the difference between things. I didn't have the right tools. My knife was wrong, my cutting surface was wrong, my technique was wrong, my understanding to that point was wrong. 

    And crucially, Jeffrey Dahmer was in the news at the time.

    I thought butchers chopped through the bone, not between the bones, and I didn't know how to find the in-between spot anyway (by bending it).  I made a hack job of the tougher roaster bird after having no trouble with the fryer. All my chopping was making a splattering mess of things and I knew that wasn't right, something wet hit my face and my interest in finishing waned but I pushed through chopping and hacking at bone with the wrong knife, hardly getting anywhere with it, making a huge slippery mess all the while thinking "c'mon, dismember this thing."  The word "dismember" kept rolling though mind as I chopped futilely, dismember, chop, dismember, chop, dismember, chop, dismember, chop, I felt the blood drain from my head and my gyroscope going, I had to sit down right now. 

    But my hands have chicken slime smeared all over them. My head is on the dining room table now rolling back to its senses, and my hands are held in the air, and I'm thinking, "You crazy bitch, you said this is fun!" 

    Then get back to the business of bird parts. 

    The Coming Deference Cascade

    The deference cascade is what I'm calling the future point in time when the entrenched powers of both parties collude to advance their candidates in the face of the Trump/Cruz and Sanders insurgencies. I am not sold on the RNC backing Cruz for any other reason than to undermine Trump; he will be thrown under the bus at the convention, during which they will foist a "JEBish" or a "Romnaic" figure upon us. Meanwhile, the Sanders insurgency doesn't seem to be slowing.

    The deference cascade has already begun, but the electorate still hopes that they will voice their own "preference cascade." They will be disappointed.

    I think it unlikely that both parties will cave to their insurgents: There is simply too much at stake for the established parties to cave. Their delegates can and will pull out all stops to install their choices to oppose any preference cascade. The established media will continue colluding with one or the other delegated candidates; insurgency media will back Trump, Cruz, or Sanders according to their preference.

    Added: Expect a couple of these moments at this year's conventions:

    Michelle Fields forever.....And nothing to get sued about

    Nothing is real
    And nothing to get sued about
    Michelle Fields forever
    One could think I am out of  my tree
    I mean it must be high or low
    That is you can't, you know, tune in
    But it's all right
    That is I think it's not too bad
    Let me take you down
    Cause I'm going to Michelle Fields
    Nothing is real
    And nothing to get sued about
    Michelle Fields forever
    Always, no sometimes, think it's me
    But you know I know when it's a dream
    I think I know I mean a yes
    But it's all wrong
    That is I think I disagree

    Let me take you down
    Cause I'm going to Michelle Fields
    Nothing is real
    And nothing to get sued about
    Michelle Fields forever
    Michelle Fields forever
    Michelle Fields forever

    Nobody expects the revolution

    View post on

    Abdirizak, I must speak with you.

    Here are the full details in all of their intense and uniquely perverse interest. I encountered this on a right wing pj something site. It's about Minneapolis something something half a million dollars or something, nearly that, to outreach something that misunderstood something about the problem of something from the beginning of something to something about some racial something and some something religious something. So obviously the something wrong something solution for the something perceived problem. Then boom the something something moderate guy with Mohammed or something for middle name and a very odd last name of something like "Warsame" or something. It's all here if somebody's interested or something.

    "Abdirizak! I must speak with you." 

    "You have an interesting face." *shake, shake, shake* "That's all." 

    Fed and FDIC: five of the largest banks still too big to fail

    "[F]ive of the nation's eight largest banks--including JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America--did not have "credible" plans for how they would wind themselves down in a crisis without sowing panic.

    That suggests that if there were another crisis today, the government would need to prop up the largest banks if it wanted to avoid financial chaos.

    ...The regulators were responding to the so-called living wills that banks must submit to regulators on a regular basis to explain how the banks plan to enter bankruptcy in an orderly fashion in case of crisis...

    ...In recent weeks, [former congressman Barney] Frank has criticized the financial overhaul proposals by Mr. Sanders. Mr. Frank contends that some of the plans to break up the banks are simplistic because they take a one-size-fits-all approach. In contrast, he said, measures like the living wills allow regulators to press for banks to shrink based on specific conditions at those firms.

    The five banks that received rejections have until Oct. 1 to fix their plans.

    After those adjustments, if the Fed and the F.D.I.C. are still dissatisfied with the living wills, they may impose restrictions on the banks' activities or require the banks to raise their capital levels, which in practice means using less borrowed money to finance their business.

    And if, after two years, the regulators still find the plans deficient, they may require the banks to sell assets and businesses, with the aim of making them less complex and simpler to unwind in a bankruptcy."

    "Don't make me break out my box of chalk"

    The wall has since been torn down by unidentified individuals alleged to be Tulane football players.

    "Basketball: Stephen Curry hits 400 threes..."

    Stephen Curry just keeps taking his shooting brilliance to new heights. The Golden State Warriors guard became the first player in NBA history to hit 400 three-pointers in a single season during the team's season finale against the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night.
    Curry needed eight threes against Memphis to set the record and hit 10 in the game. For most players, this would've been a nearly impossible task, but Steph isn't like other players. His unmatched three-point total this season makes that quite clear. No other player in league history has hit even 300 threes in a single season.

    "Megyn Kelly: Meeting with Trump allowed us to 'clear the air'"

    "“The meeting was at my request and Mr. Trump was gracious enough to agree to it,” Kelly said on her show. “We met for about an hour, just the two of us, and had a chance to clear the air.
    “Mr. Trump and I discussed the possibility of an interview, and I hope we will have news to announce on that soon.”"

    Easter lamb cakes

    infinite variety in infinite combinations

    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    "Women have "choices" Men have responsibilities"

    "Bill that could end permanent alimony in Florida causes division between men's and women's groups"
    “What did the father do?” said women’s advocate and co-founder of Families Against Court Travesties Adele Guadalupe. “He contributed his sperm. The mother carried the baby for nine months. The mother had the nausea and threw up, probably had to give up her job. The mother had to give birth, the mother has to breastfeed the child. All of the sudden, the mother counts for nothing and the father has a 50-percent right to this child when it’s young? It goes against nature. It goes against justice. It goes against everything we have been brought up to believe.”

    The Most Conservative Man in the World.

    Garland Marriott June 15. 2012
    Katrina Pierson walked into the Grand Ballroom of the Garland Marriott. She was feeling feisty. She had just shoplifted some new panties from the JC Penny and she couldn’t to drop them on the floor.

    It had been a while. Katrina had always been a political person. She had decided that it was what really interested her. She had a degree in biology. But it was the body politic that interested her.
    She had started out working for the Democrats. Barack Obama spoke to her. He was half white and half black just like her. Her mother had abandoned her too. Giving her up for adoption and then taking her back. Like an overdue library book. Her father was black just like the President. He abandoned her too. Not as exotic as a Kenyan exchange student. Her father was just a garden variety low life who left her in poverty and was only her father because he had an extra two dollars. Still she felt that she had an affinity for the Jug Eared Jesus.


    So I missed all the action this afternoon in the now shuttered thread.

    Doesn't anyone here work?


    "Dear George..."

    Roger Stone: [Jonh F. Kennedy, Jr.] was murdered by the Clintons

    "Roger Stone is writing a book based on his conspiracy theory that the Clintons murdered John F. Kennedy Jr. Stone is an longtime ally and friend of Donald Trump, who has previously used the discredited operative's research in attacks against the Clintons.
    Stone worked as a top political aide to Trump's presidential campaign before exiting in August. Stone is a notorious "dirty trickster" who formed the anti-Hillary Clinton group C.U.N.T. in 2008 and has spent much of the 2016 cycle pushing smears about the Clintons. He has a history of using racist and sexist attacks against media figures, and was recently banned by CNN and MSNBC. He currently heads the pro-Trump super PAC Committee to Restore America's Greatness and is a frequent Trump supporter in the media. Stone has been under heavy criticism recently because of his stated plan to "disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in" allegedly stealing the nomination from Trump at the Republican convention.
    Stone last month appeared on the internet radio show of fringe conspiracy theorist James Fetzer, who believes the Holocaust, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and 9/11 attacks were faked. During a brief aside, Stone mentioned he was writing books about Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and the alleged murder of John F. Kennedy Jr. “by the Clintons”:
    (video at link)

    What is one thing that happens only in your country?

    Reddit top voted comments....
    Have a "World Series" and only occasionally invite Canada.
    TV pickup. We have infrastructure specifically in place to cope with the entire country turning on 2000W kettles during the ad breaks.
    Subway is sued because their "foot long" sandwiches are only 11 inches.
    National Crate day! In NZ we have Crate day to celebrate the first day summer which is basically celebrated with a crate of local beer, a bbq and sports, usually at a mates flat or the beach.
    Our constitutional court can rule that our president has broken the highest law of the land and stole tax payer money to make upgrades to his private home, and our parliament will still vote not to impeach him.
    Every single building has a safe room in case rockets start falling. I was pretty surprised this wasn't a thing in other countries when I first learned about that.  
    I read about a country where tv remotes come with a football button.

    American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) providing legislative templates for Conservative spending agendas

    "Gov. Sam Brownback’s march to zero income taxes, combined with legislation designed to weaken public services and wrest control away from local government, are hollowing out the very aspects of government these committees focus on. Public education certainly seems targeted to be greatly supplemented by, if not outright replaced by, private education.
    We see this in other states as well. For some time now, model legislation from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Americans For Prosperity (AFP) and other libertarian / ultraconservative organizations has been used as the template for bills in states with varying levels of ultraconservative control. Such templates have been developed on everything from taxation and fiscal policy, to energy and the environment, to health and human services.
    Looking just at education, in 2015 there were 172 measures introduced in 42 states based on ALEC model legislationaccording to the Center for Media and Democracy. The general goal being to “… transform public education from a public and accountable institution that serves the public into one that serves private, for-profit interests.” With public education commonly comprising a significant portion of state budgets, this dovetails nicely with ultraconservative legislation focused on drastically shrinking government and reducing taxes.
    In Kansas, one of the latest bills taking inspiration from such model legislation is HB 2741, intended to provide the state with a new public school funding formula. The Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) provides a good summary of the bill here. The need for a new formula began during the 2014-2015 legislative session with the repeal of the previous school funding formula and implementation of the temporary two-year block grant funding mechanism, intended to fill the gap while the legislature works on a new formula. I should note that the block grant has also effectively reduced the dollars available to school districts for day to day operations.

    "Cruz likely to block Trump on a second ballot at the GOP convention"

    Washington Post:  Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is close to ensuring that Donald Trump cannot win the GOP nomination on a second ballot at the party’s July convention in Cleveland, scooping up scores of delegates who have pledged to vote for him instead of the front-runner if given the chance.

    The push by Cruz means that it is more essential than ever for Trump to clinch the nomination by winning a majority of delegates to avoid a contested and drawn-out convention fight, which Trump seems almost certain to lose.

    The GOP race now rests on two cliffhangers: Can Trump lock up the nomination before Cleveland? And if not, can Cruz cobble together enough delegates to win a second convention vote if Trump fails in the first?

    Parisian pissoirs of old

    variations on a theme

    Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    WKRLEM: We have been down this road before

    Melania Trump's Diary

    Well what a whirlwind couple of weeks we have had here in the Trump campaign. Thank God we are home in New York and away from the horrid Wisconsin. The only thing worse than the food there were the people. Cheesy. In every sense of the word. Thank the Good Lord that we are home in Trump Tower. You don’t realize how much you miss a gold toilet seat until you haven’t pissed in one in weeks.

    Anyway we are back in New York and regrouping. We are going to destroy Teddy in New York and most of the Northeast. I mean Teddy doesn't have a chance. Ever since he started spouting that “New York Values” tripe to impress the rubes and hayseeds out there in flyover country. Little does he know we have the little people? Not just the midgets. We have all the reality show people.  The people on the reality shows. The people who watch the reality shows.  The people who want to be the people on the shows that people watch on the shows. You know. Everybody. Except the Fancy People.

    Calvin Trillin's Poem found offensive

    Have they run out of provinces yet?

    If they haven’t, we’ve reason to fret.

    Long ago, there was just Cantonese.

    (Long ago, we were easy to please.)

    But then food from Szechuan came our way,

    Making Cantonese strictly passé.

    Szechuanese was the song that we sung,

    Though the ma po could burn through your tongue.

    Then when Shanghainese got in the loop

    We slurped dumplings whose insides were soup.

    Then Hunan, the birth province of Mao,

    Came along with its own style of chow.

    So we thought we were finished, and then

    A new province arrived: Fukien.

    Then respect was a fraction of meagre

    For those eaters who’d not eaten Uighur.

    And then Xi’an from Shaanxi gained fame,

    Plus some others—too many to name.

    Now, as each brand-new province appears,

    It brings tension, increasing our fears:

    Could a place we extolled as a find

    Be revealed as one province behind?

    So we sometimes do miss, I confess,

    Simple days of chow mein but no stress,

    When we never were faced with the threat

    Of more provinces we hadn’t met.

    Is there one tucked away near Tibet?

    Have they run out of provinces yet?

    (Link to offended party.)

    Baby's coming

    I am so happy about Sunday nights this spring. Some of my favorite British “nice” TV shows are all stacked up on PBS and I have hours of interesting and soothing entertainment to DVR. I mean soothing in the sense that it is not all serial killers and severed limbs but sleepy vicarages and fancy department stores and babies! Yeah!

    “Grantchester”, “Mr. Selfridge” and “Call the Midwife” are all back and all in a row on PBS. It is just about the only thing public television does that I think is worth a damn. I have been enjoying them thoroughly. The only thing is I am having a spot of bother about “Call the Midwife.” You see it is just too much like the American Election.

    Krazy Straw chocolate milk bubbles

    Limbaugh: On the Third Ballot, Cruz Will Find Out What It's Like to Be Trump


    Hillary Clinton's Rachel Dolezal Moment

    Link to see the whole interview

    Paul Ryan to Attend Secret Donor Group Meeting Next Week in Manhattan

    "House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has spent a lot of time denying any interest in the presidency.
    Last week, when his office put out a 43-second video, the Drudge Report tweeted an all-caps siren reading “Paul Ryan launches first campaign ad?” Despite the video so resembling a campaign ad that even NPR’s Steve Inskeep joked this morning that he got choked up by the swelling music, Mr. Ryan’s people have aggressively swatted down speculation that the Congressman and unsuccessful 2012 vice presidential candidate was indeed waiting in the wings to be drafted should a consensus not be reached on any of the candidates who have been working to earn the votes of Republican primary voters over the last year.
    ..The Observer can now report that Todd Ricketts, the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs who is also the son of the founder of Ameritrade, is arranging a meeting of some of the GOP’s top financial bundlers, to be attended by Mr. Ryan. The meeting is to take place next week at the Mandarin Hotel and will be comprised of a discussion with “twenty or so” Republican donors, including Mr. Ricketts and several people he has raised money with before, such as Randy Kendrick, the wife of Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick.
    ...The planned meeting came to the attention of the Observer via one top Republican donor who was approached and described himself to the Observer as “disgusted that he [Ryan] is saying one thing publicly but secretly trying to garner support with all of these NeverTrump people talking about all their strategies to subvert the people who are voting for Trump and Cruz.” He declined to join the group and either did not know or would not reveal others who would be joining the secret meeting at the Mandarin."

    Rachel Dolezal is back: No Regrets

    Wisconsin Professor: "Climate-change deniers deserve punishment"

    Dismissal of well-established climate science has parallels to decades of debate over tobacco use and its effects on health. Tobacco companies long denied any causal relation between smoking and disease even when their own studies showed the opposite to be true.
    Similarly, some fossil fuel companies for decades publicly rejected established climate science and the role of burning fossil fuels in anthropogenic climate change while their internal studies confirmed both.
    The tobacco companies eventually paid a steep price for their actions. In 1999, the Justice Department filed a civil lawsuit against them, charging that they "engaged in and executed" a "massive 50-year scheme to defraud the public, including consumers of cigarettes," in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO. (read the whole thing)