Saturday, April 23, 2016

big idea

Hillary's specifically. The whole thing is that she should have one.

The thought of Hillary's big unifying idea made me laugh. A genuine good hearted laugh. And then I felt pity for anyone grasping at such pathetic thoughts, dismissing so much that's critically important for so little, and worse, for so much that is actually harmful. But he would refuse any of that.

The joke being passed has to do with "prison of her personality." There's a lot that that can be done with that. And her one big idea is how to make orange kevlar pantsuit and bookend Secret Service protection attractive to a majority who really do not like her at all and will never come around.
Click over. It's worse than anticipated. Words pour, cascade so they blur to white, your eyes form cataracts reading the wash.  A meta analysis of systems within systems and sweeping changes required to right them. In the proper direction of course. So much left out greater than discussed, chief among them multiple federal indictments breathing down her neck that if not prosecuted are the essence of a broken system. Then finally this.  
Here’s the central conundrum for Clinton: A majority of people think the system is broken, and must change. But a majority also has an unfavorable view of Clinton (and can’t stand Trump, by a higher margin, across the board). But one will take care of the other; she can break out of the prison of her personality with something grand and unifying and bigger than herself. 
Timothy is such a dreamer and he’s not the only one. One takes care of the other. Outside his Trump parentheses.

1) majority think the system is broken
2)  majority can’t stand Clinton

One takes care of the other. This is where Timothy indulges his fantasy. Throughout but really hard landing at the end. He is saying, I think, Hillary can break free of people not liking her with something grand like repairing the broken system.

That again. The system is broken and must be fixed. It must be somebody's big federal idea. Timothy’s Democrat party is broken and must repair itself. The Republican party is already repairing itself. By themselves. The hard way. Without assistance from overarching unifying big idea something greater than Hillary that could make her more likable to a majority of people who will never vote for her no matter what.


edutcher said...

Somebody's been smoking the good stuff.

Speaking of crooks, Lyin' Ted continues his disreputable ways.

He's reneged on a bargain for a compromise slate in ME and is in bed with the McCain crowd to steal delegates in AZ.

The One True Conservative working with Junior? Yeah, tell me how going back on a bargain is outhustling everybody. Tell me people complaining about being done out of the representation for which they voted is whining. Tell me this is being "presidential" (hey, if you're Fidel or Saddam, I guess).

God, I hope Drudge goes after that sack of slime again this week.

ndspinelli said...

ed, May I suggest adult coloring as a way to release stress. Several members of my family have become enthusiasts. My bride is coloring as I type. It's not my cup o' tea. I can't stay in the lines of the coloring books for ages 8-12. And, I'm horrible w/ colors.

edutcher said...

nd, stick it.

The only prison Hillary has is the one she's going to. There are no angels of her better nature and it's been made clear the same applies to the Mambo King.

You don't like it, I guess you'll just have to live with it.

Our right to vote is being taken away and I reserve the right to object. You want to complain about we have no statesmen, you might want to read a little history about how those statesmen were regarded in their own time.

ndspinelli said...

So, I take it that's a "no" on the adult coloring.

edutcher said...


chickelit said...

ndspinelli: Not trying to dominate nor influence comment threads since 2007.

Chip Ahoy said...

Coloring is a worthwhile activity. The whole thing is artistic decision making because you're thinking you should xerox it and do the same thing entirely differently.

And along the way you get to thinking, Jeeze, the woman or gent who drew this sure has great line-knowledge. I wish I can do that. And you realize wtf you can do that, your doodles are valid. Just clean up you lines to be official, or leave them messy what the heck. Your doodles are worth turning over and have someone color. I'm telling you, your doodles are wonders to others. Print them out and have the whole family color them.

Here, have some.

Alice in Wonderland characters

scroll down

I did color them. Wrong size. Did it again. Wrong size. Did it again. Wrong size and I got sick and tired of coloring them so the fourth iteration is colorless and that's how it goes. Color it yourself is my new attitude and out it went as line drawing . Line scribbles. Turns out the second most popular one in terms of world wide views.

ndspinelli said...

Chip, I showed your work to my bride. She is artsy/craftsy and loves your talent.

ricpic said...

It's delusional to think that Hillary, whose base is gibmedats, would even consider fixing the welfare state system.

It's quote Lewis Black.

ricpic said...

You can always use a black crayon to thicken the lines, which will then be easier to stay within when you turn to those exciting yellows, oranges, reds and blues to fill in what's inside the lines! The next step is to go outside with your crayons and graffiti up the whole neighborhood. Now we're talkin'!