Thursday, April 21, 2016

Today is Prince day? I thought it was Wednesday?


Trooper York said...

What too soon?

Lem said...

"'Frail' Prince, 57, died in an elevator at $10million estate after being spotted on several visits to pharmacy"

Sixty Grit said...

Two pounds? Funny, he didn't look that bulky.

ricpic said...

What a great commercial. Personally, I go back and forth between Ronzoni and Barilla. I just discovered a new shape pasta which holds all the bits and pieces in the sauce great -- Campenelle.

I can honestly say I never thought a single thought about Prince. Well, except that he looked peculiar.

edutcher said...

Haven't thought about that in 50 years.

Nice blast from the past.

Grazie, Tonto.

Chip Ahoy said...

That made me want spaghetti right now.

I wonder, though, how the tomato sauce same to rule supreme and why long simmering, braising, co rules supremely. "It always tastes better the next day."

Does it?

"Yeah all that steeping, and blending, and mixing and marriage of flavors overnight."

If you say so.

I like things fresh and so do Italians and other mediteraninaxxxxx mediterraneanxxxx places like that.

Like right now I'm thinking of the fattest version of everything. Big thick fat clumsy oafish pasta in heavy cream barely adorned with mustard and nutmeg and maybe basil and maybe a few bits of seared nearly burnt broccoli. Cream. Mushrooms, whatever. That I can do surprisingly quickly and have egg in it too for extra fortification and fat. That would be a lazy and fast and incredibly fattening and satisfying meal. I just now did it. And bought more cream to do it two more times at least. That one meal took an entire pint of cream.

I've been holding back because that seemed like too close to do again but I see that was over a month ago and now I'm talking myself into doing it again right now.

The sauce can be anything, anything at all, even a raw egg, even seafood, chicken or cheese or both.

Here is a splendid discovery. You can do this right now. Roasted pepper and tomato soup sometimes bisque. This is Amazon.

I got this at the King Soopers. Loved it. Best soup like this that I ever had. It's everything tomato soup hoped it could be. If tomato soup is Miss America then roasted pepper is Miss Latin America that came up here and formed a lesbian cple. I didn't know where I was going with that.

It's thick. And tremendously delicious. The roasted pepper is the perfect thing to add. The combination suggestions additions like Mexican oregano, and cumin. It's not hot. That suggests adding some kind of heat, chile flakes, powder, paste, sauce. But leaving it alone would work for a very loose sauce. Simmering would reduce it to proper sauce sludge consistency. You could add meatball or loose sausage or vegetables or anything. Cheese.

That's just two variations that could be popular as standard plain boring tomato sauce. Marinara sauce, that's the word for it. How did that win?

Flavored olive oil and fresh vegetables is better.

There's three right there.

Yet overcooked marinara is the supreme winner.

Trooper York said...

I cook my sauce fresh and serve it right away. The next day stuff is basically bullshit in my book. I love fresh sauce.

I would like to recommend a pasta that believe it or not is gluten free. Yeah, yeah I know it sounds gay. But it is a brown rice pasta and cooks up great and al dente. It holds its shape and you can't tell the difference with regular pasta. If you don't make your own pasta and are using dried this is superior to most of the other brands.

It is called Jovial pasta and here is the website. Go for the fusilli and the rigatoni. Great stuff.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I love that commercial.

I cook sauce fresh too. With a marinara sauce, less cooking is better.

I like gluten free, but not the rice ones. They seem to get too mushy. The Barilla's gluten free is great.

deborah said...

Just ordered the wheat berries. Concentrated ancient goodness. They use einkhorn wheat the first wheat used in agriculture. Has little gluten. The new hybrids are bred for increased gluten (which activates pleasure centers in the brain).

Trooper York said...

This pasta is superior Evi. It does not get mushy. Try it. You will like it.