Thursday, April 21, 2016

Joanie "Chyna" Laurer found dead at 45


Trooper York said...

She was a pioneer in dudes going into the womans locker room. Just sayn'

ricpic said...

That jaw ain't female!

Methadras said...

If you worked for the WWE, chances are you are going to die early. That company is fucking cursed on how many wrestlers have died that have worked for them. God, I hope Rick Flair is next. Just sayin.

Steg said...

Aw, that's too bad. Was she a man?! I always thought she was attractive :/. I watched WWF (No E) from 8th grade to 10th grade, became disillusioned with it reading on the internet, then became more productive. A decade or so later I visited a buddy out in LA and he had gotten back into the show with his roommate.

With a couple beers and no expectations, and the show is actually really enjoyable. Once you take it as it is- a soap opera for men- solid entertainment. These people have so much fun it makes me want to start up the backyard league again. The faux insults, the grandiose displays, pyrotechnics, rock music. Glorified role playing- and they've got it down to an art.

I worked on a movie once where one of the producers ran into an old wrestler in Grand Central Station- Virgil . He was doing autographs and stuff for cheap, that was how he spent his Sundays.

So he hired him for the film, and the director wrote him in overnight! He was a really cool guy, very humble, and hurting bad. He was still a giant, and looked like he could crush a parking meter- but he had to take his time getting out of bed. He said every day when he lies down he feels like he's been hit by several trucks. Bad knees.

He's a math teacher in Pittsburg, I think.

Sixty Grit said...

"In June 2015, Virgil created a GoFundMe campaign to help make him a millionaire. As of April 2016, the campaign has raised $880."

Becoming a millionaire, you're doin' it wrong.

Sounds like he has a sense of humor, anyway.

Methadras said...

Chyna got better looking with her subsequent plastic surgeries. When she first came onto the pro-wrestling circuit she was a valet, sometimes got in the ring to show her stuff, but she looked nothing like how she looks(ed) now. It's really too bad about her death, every indication was that she was genuinely a nice woman.