Saturday, September 10, 2016

"What is something random you would like to share with us?"

Reddit considered "best" answers...
I am about to buy a hotdog cart and quit my mind numbing cubicle job. It is my childhood dream job.

Was just reading about it on Wikipedia. The ruler and unifier of Bhutan, Ngawang Namgyal, died in 1651 and his death was kept secret for 54 years.
Right after it was revealed he was dead, the nation fell back into conflict for a bit.
Bhutan Wiki

I once accidentally swallowed two bees.

My neighbor is schizophrenic and thinks I have listening devices in his home.

I farted in front of my girlfriend for the first time last week and she started crying.

My house is frequently visited by cats. They don't belong to anyone.


Lem said...

Ok, I'll go first.

The blog has been very quiet today.

There. That is all.

ndspinelli said...

I am a professional observer. I was walking through the UW campus today. It's a football Saturday. I was walking near the stadium and ended up behind 2 gay male students. They looked to be sophomores or juniors. They were holding hands. They didn't attend the game but were walking past thousands of drunken students. When groups approached them they would start swinging their hands to make it clear, in case the drunks didn't notice, that they were holding hands. They were looking to create conflict. They got some snickers, a couple glares, but no confrontation. Now, I was about 30-40 yards behind them. As the football fans passed me there were some funny homo comments. These drunks seemed to understand they were being pimped and none took the bait. Quite the culture we have on campus today.

Adamsunderground said...

I farted in front of my girlfriend for the first time last week and she started crying.

Mama always said, "the girl, who doesn't settle for less, weeps for joy at you sulphur-infusing her dress."

Michael Haz said...

I have an ethical dilemma.

My grandparents will probably vote Democrat again in November. Knowing that, should I continue to visit their grave sites?

Lem said...


AllenS said...

Haz for the win!