Saturday, September 10, 2016

Too soon?

Offensive because you're respectful and serious and you remember. Survivors are still living. Not everybody is so respectful, not nearly so pc. They don't see the problem. They don't understand. They reject censoring and censuring. Some people in the offensively distasteful  9-11 advertisements do not or cannot feel what you feel. They cannot comprehend lingering trauma. They don't understand why we're not over it, why we must behave, and behave for so long. Some were children and did not understand, too unaware of the importance, noncomprehending of grief. Too remote from events to comprehend why jokes are inappropriate. Worse when you weren't even born when the events occurred so pre-history to them. Like WWII to us.  To them it's like accepting a joke about Pompeii, Sodom and Gomorrah, Iram of Ubar, Galveston Texas, Valparaiso Chile, Haiti, San Francisco California, Sumatra Indonesia and other cities destroyed by tsunamis, Pearl Harbor and Dresden, Titanic, for examples. Jokes about these events may or may not be acceptable to you. You might be able to participate in the black humor. You might even find them funny.

These mushrooms were submitted by b3ta  member Barbarossa to "souvenirs" challenge. Front paged submission include this snow globe. A lot of disastrous snow globes, actually. 

See, it's just dumb. Penguins are South Pole animals, the submitter didn't know that. Introduced with "Their snow globes get worse every year." 

Should your heart carry a streak of black humor you might find the perverse souvenirs funny. T-Shirt from Aliens, Auschwitz oven mitts, (misspelled there), toy truck from Nice France, 9-11 spaghetti and sauce, Auschwitz again, boys striped pajamas in front of baby gate, Donald Trump (a disaster in their political world view as born socialists) doll holding a cheese grater, Trump again, (see? obsessed with American politics) same doll holding an AR-15. Twenty-one such examples of bleak humor. This is right up their alley.

You'd be surprised and no doubt aggrieved and dismayed by the number of of 9-11 jokes posted on that site. It takes a strong stomach and very thick skin.


Trooper York said...

Hey don't get me wrong. I would not censor anyone. You are entitled to be as a big an asshole as you want. Knock yourself out.

Because I am tied of all this political correctness I guess I can't complain about people saying shit about 911.

I can just hope they die and burn in the fiery pits of Hell.

Chip Ahoy said...

That would be a "yes" then. Too close and too soon.

edutcher said...

I love it.

The Bomb saved the Nips, even more than us.

MacArtur wanted to land at the main population centers and drive the people up into the mountains New Guinea-style, where disease, exposure, starvation, and anything else you can mention would kill enough of them so what was left next spring wouldn't be able to resist a troop of Girl Scouts.

PS I don't recall people from Galveston being all that sensitive about the hurricane.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I would love the north pole "snow dome" even with the penguins.

We could call them auks.

rhhardin said...

Too many moments of silence, lists of names readings, ceremonies. Give one good speech in 2001 and it's over, comemorationwise. It's soap opera.

It's a national entertainment though, cheap grace.

Japan still seriously adds each year to the list of casualties everybody who died in the last year, and folds up paper cranes for them, but the Japanese are known to be very weird. No reason for the US to follow.

rhhardin said...

The general principle also applies more widely, given in an instance by

It's funny until somebody gets their eye poked out. Then it's still funny, just not around that person.

edutcher said...

rh, the Nips have yet to admit it was their war, wire to wire, so, yeah, they're going to be real weird about it.

rcocean said...

Sorry, but WW2 was 70 years ago. Its gotten to the point where a 15 y/o kid, his 35 y/o mother and his 65 y/o grandparents weren't even alive when WW2 ended.

At a certain point, time marches on, and people will start making Auschwitz jokes because it will a obscure historical event - like the Russian Revolution or the Lincoln assassination.

edutcher said...

Oh, I know, but, for the Nips to get that sensitive about their war, requires more than the usual chutzpah.

Chip Ahoy said...

Japanese don't even teach the Japan's role in WWII in their schools. They don't teach Pearl Harbor. They're sensitive to effronteries to them but not by them.

Our attitude is a lot more schizophrenic. Some of us honestly believe our actions are always a force for good while others memorize Howard Zinn. And in between there
is some kind of balance.

I wonder. One of Trump's appeal is wiping out Isis. He also talks about creating a safe haven. He also speaks about abjuring nation building. But what does Trump imagine will fill the vacuum that he says right out he intends to create? Nurturing along democratic representative but non theocratic government? And isn't that nation building? Does he intend to revert to borders antebellum? Strike a pose of 'do whatever you want, just don't f it up or we'll be back?' He hasn't been completely clear about what happens after he wipes out ISIS. Further, whatever he does, the project will not be picked up by Democrats. They cannot allow any Republican success. It's not in their nature. And we're right back to decrying atrocities that we create and defending against those accusations. Right back at each other's throats.

History channel is doing a 9-11 review. As if we haven't lived it ten times. Got any new information? Not much if any. We must take this with us to our graves. We must become and remain the the angry old men that our grandchildren do not understand.

Contrary to all that, and equally difficult of comprehension is Jiva's response the week after the Saudi backed attacks happened. I asked him, (Hare Krishna, burning man enthusiast, serious vegetarian, what can you expect? ) "No, I'm not upset."

"Why not? You must be. You're American."

He laughed at my insistence. "Why should I be? We bomb other nation's buildings all the time." That is his attitude. A non-political sort. His unshakable religion. (He also thinks India is indescribably beautiful. The people beautiful too. And he paints his Doc Martins purple. Married Marie Vlastic, (pickle fame) artist. Have a look at her work. I was there the day of her opening. The white-walled studio with the large nudes is two short blocks away. She likes people with unusual bodies, scars, and tattoos, and avoids ordinary portraits. She's very good. But she doesn't like me too well. I'm too ordinary for her.)

ndspinelli said...

I surmise people who lived in Hiroshima and Nagasaki have a different perspective than those not directly effected by the bombings. People who lived in NYC and worked in the Pentagon have a much more personal feeling about these attacks. We should not disrespect nor should we pander to those feelings.