Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Reported H.W. Bush Vote For Hillary Is EXACTLY Why Many Republicans Support Trump"

Ben Shapiro:  The Bush family isn’t put off so much by Trump’s policy proposals – except for immigration and free trade, the Bush family likely agrees with much of Trump’s left-leaning policy. They’re mostly put off by Trump’s attitude – his boorishness, his ignorance, his general sense of know-nothingism. To be fair, Trump clubbed Jeb! like a baby seal and the Bush family specifically during the debates; that had to draw some ire from the family. But for George H.W. Bush, the deciding factor was likely attitudinal: Trump just doesn’t belong. The Clintons, by dint of two decades in the White House spotlight, do.

This is one of the objections to Trump that many Trump supporters have a right to be angry about. It’s one thing to object to Trump based on policy differences and a general belief that he toxifies the conservative message. It’s another thing to do it because he doesn’t belong in the toney company of the blue bloods. The Bush Family feels like American royalty, and they appear to see Trump as a nouveau riche blowhard. That feels elitist rather than principled. Nobody was surprised that the person who reported H.W. Bush’s voting choice was a Kennedy. That’s how the Bushes roll.

And that feeling of Republican elitism helped drive Trump to new heights. Trump wasn’t merely a reaction to the “neocons” or the “Republican establishment.” He was a reaction to the Bush family in particular: their genteel sensibilities, their family heritage, their general chumminess with the Clintons. Republican primary voters reveled in the Trump-Jeb! piledrivers, because they felt that Trump was willing to hit people hard, unlike the Bush family.

Via instapundit: http://www.dailywire.com/news/9283/reported-hw-bush-vote-hillary-exactly-why-many-ben-shapiro?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=news&utm_campaign=twitterbenshapiro# 


Methadras said...

Who fucking cares?

Amartel said...

Not relevant.

edutcher said...

They know everything everybody else knows about the Ozark Mafia, and they think these slugs belong there because they were already there? Granted, this is Shapiro's view and he seems happy to go down with the SS NeverTitanic.

No, I think it's just that Willie the Sociopath snowed the Bushes the way he snowed a lot of other people.

"The Bush Family feels like American royalty"

I know Barbara couldn't stand the idea of Sarah Palin daring to challenge her Jeb! back in '08, but shame on them if they honestly believe that nonsense. Barbara's a direct descendant of Franklin Pierce, one of the worst dough faces of the 1850s. 41's family roots are a blacksmith and prospector and a lot of clergymen.

No more royalty than the Kennedys.

Another great incentive for term limits for any kind of Federal office.

Trooper York said...

Why is anyone surprised?

We see this kind of bullshit here all the time.

Well at lot less since Trump started surging.

The parties are in a midst of a realignment along class lines. Elites of both left and right will be Democrats.

Working people and small businessmen will be Republicans.

Class not ideology.

edutcher said...

IOW the Demos, as they have been in reality for 25 years, will be the party of Wall Street and the Rs will be the party of Main Street.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Trump shamed Jeb (and over a hundred million could not save Jeb). So the old man tells a fucking Kennedy and she humiliates him by blurting it out (he does have other Bushes in the pipeline).

Oh well. This probably helps Trump. The best gift Trump gave us is not having to suffer through Jeb being the nominee.

ndspinelli said...

is this a class erection? Asked the Chinaman.

ricpic said...

I've hated Bush 41 since his "No new taxes!" lie followed by his refusal to apologize - okay, he mumbled a reluctant something that went by so fast who could decipher it? - for his lie. What do I put it down to? Men who reach the heights, it's common that they CANNOT apologize to the lower beings. That would be us. Screw him.

rcocean said...

"I've hated Bush 41 since his "No new taxes!" lie followed by his refusal to apologize - okay, he mumbled a reluctant something that went by so fast who could decipher it? - for his lie"

I've never liked Bush-I either. He's one of those people that every labels a "Gentlemen" and a "nice guy" and they cut him slack but he's another elitist that never game a damn about people like me.

Go read his authorized Bio, it makes clear that Bush I thought there were two modes. First "campaigning" that's what you told the boobs anything you had to in order to get elected. Second mode, was "governing" where you forget everything you said while "campaigning" and got together with your DC buddies and cut deals.

That's why Bush could say he was Pro-life in '88 and then appoint Souter.

Even worse, according to his Bio, he didn't even want to run for re-election. He was "tired" of being POTUS, he was bored with dealing with all those domestic issues. But he ran again anyway.

rcocean said...

And he hated the debates. Bush I found them "demeaning". Yeah, a chance to talk to the American people was "demeaning".

chickelit said...

Trump derailing the Bush dynasty is the best thing he's done for America so far. Bernie tried to derail the Clintons, but entrenched partisans foiled him. The Clintons and the Bushes are natural allies. A pox on both their houses.

Sixty Grit said...

Where is Dana Carvey when you need him "Nah gah dah!"

Amartel said...

Jeb was on the Emmys in a "comedy" bit that wasn't that funny and was only there to get the anti-Trump ball rolling. It's sad, really, the thirst for approval.

ndspinelli said...

Amartel, Those were my thoughts as well.

Orrey G.Rantor said...

Pappy HW is just angry because goofus "immigration is an act of love" junior was made to look like the chump he is.

"My Mom is the strongest woman I know."

"She should be running."

Boom. Headshot. Yeb the Guac merchant is figuratively dead and buried in 5 seconds.


And they wonder why people don't care about Trump's supposed negatives.