Sunday, September 18, 2016

The "not bombs until De Blasio says they are bombs" in Jersey and New York were made by the same Muslim Terrorist.

Fox News, September 18, 2016
Police believe the two devices that were detonated in New Jersey and New York were made by the same person, a law enforcement source told Fox News on Sunday, as authorities move forward with investigations into the incidents as well as the ISIS-backed stabbing rampage in Minnesota — separate incidents that have cemented fears the United States is still a prime terror target.
As of Sunday afternoon, officials have not said publicly  there was a common link between the two bombing incidents, according to New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill.
“I am concerned,” O’Neill said during a news conference. “We have a bomb that detonated and no one apprehended.”
The trio of dangerous episodes began Saturday when a pipe bomb exploded inside a plastic garbage can in New Jersey’s Seaside Park at 9:30 a.m. Investigators eventually found several devices “wired together” that did not detonate in the same garbage can.
The blast location could have proven deadly. Officials said runners participating in a charity 5K race were expected to pass by the area around the time of the explosion – but the start of the race was delayed after an unattended backpack was discovered. As a result, no one was injured.
“We have some promising leads, but no suspects,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told WABC on Sunday.
Several hours later, and just 80 miles north, a bomb detonated on West 23rd St. in Manhattan at 8:30 p.m., injuring 29. The blast appeared to originate from a construction toolbox in front of a building. A garbage can was found mangled nearby.
Authorities later found a second, unexploded device four blocks away. A law enforcement source described the device to Fox News as a pressure cooker with wiring and a cellphone attached, placed inside a plastic bag. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the unexploded device and the detonated bomb were “both similar in design.” The description of the bombs bore striking similarities to the pressure cooker devices used by the terrorists who bombed the 2013 Boston Marathon.
“You have to assume from the start that terrorism is a real possibility,” Rep. Pete King, R-NY, said on “Face the Nation.” Americans “are always vulnerable to these attacks.”
O’Neill said no group or individual had claimed credit for the New York blast, though police had recovered surveillance video from both scenes and were continuing to canvass for witnesses.
An hour after the New York bomb exploded, a knife-wielding man injured nine people -- seven men and two women -- during a bloody rampage at a central Minnesota shopping center. During the assault at St. Cloud’s Crossroads Mall, the man reportedly asked at least one victim if they were Muslim and also referenced Allah. ISIS-related media on Sunday morning claimed responsibility for the attack, calling the unidentified assailant “a soldier of the Islamic State.”
The mall assault ended when the attacker was shot and killed by Jason Falconer, an off-duty cop from another jurisdiction, St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson said. Falconer shot the assailant as the man lunged at him with a knife. Mayor David Kleis said the attacker got up and was shot again three times before finally expiring.
"We are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism," said Richard Thornton, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Minnesota field office.
The FBI was aiding local authorities and other law enforcement agencies in all three investigations.


ricpic said...

Come forward Moderate Muslims and denounce these Lone Wolves!


Trooper York said...

In Minnesota the authorities named the off duty cop who killed the terrorist but refused to identify the stabber because he is a Somali refugee.

That is the country we live in now.

Trooper York said...

The governor said that if you don't support more Somali refugees in Minnesota you should move to another state.

I think he is going to get his wish.

chickelit said...

It's just a bunch of chickens coming home to roost. Amiwright?

chickelit said...

In just a few short months, we won't have to put up with His Purple-lipped Highness any longer.

Trooper York said...

I don't know. Ask RH Hardin. He is our chicken expert.

edutcher said...

IS has pretty much claimed the Minnesnowta thing as its own.

"separate incidents that have cemented fears the United States is still a prime terror target."

Still? When did it stop? Maybe when Dubya was in, but since then...

Trooper York said...

In Minnesota the authorities named the off duty cop who killed the terrorist but refused to identify the stabber because he is a Somali refugee.

That is the country we live in now.

Until January. I think a lot of these "refugees" are going home real soon.

Leland said...

Let these out of touch politicians and media types keep playing their games. Nobody but pure partisans give a damn that Trump accurately identified the problem before those afraid of their image with muslims admitted the facts.

Oh and congratulations to them for catching the mosque fire bomber, but have they found the gay nightclub shooter's wife?

Methadras said...

RMPC's will never admit it is islamic terror. Never. They will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get their way and hold onto power. Yeah, I think the time is now to bring these people down.

Amartel said...

Took a long drive on Sunday morning and heard this "story" unfolding, in all its dizzying spin, on the radio. "Explosion" and "explosives" instead of "bombing" and "bomb." [Because God forbid anyone says "bomb" on the news.*] Trump said "bomb" on the news. So wrongity wrong wrong. Hillary castigates. [Switch to right wing news.] Hillary said "bombings," too but it was edited out. Blahsayso: "not international terrorism." [What is "international terrorism" versus "domestic terrorism?"] Cuomo: terrorism. Giuliani: terrorism. Everyone: Duh, terrorism. NPR: NYers are so tough, they're wandering around the area wondering what's the big deal. Cops: It's a big deal. NPR: no connection to explosive found in NJ. Cops: Looking into connection. (Today: Connection established.) Obama today: blahblahblah. I. I. I. Blahblahblah. I! Fox: Now, back to the news. MSNBC: So glad it was a bomb, erm explosive, instead of a gun! Derp. Duh. Fail.

Conclusion: The objective facts are pretty simple: Fat muslim fuck distributed homemade bombs for Allah then bravely scampered away to hide. FMF is from Afghanistan. One of the bombs actually exploded and hurt 29 people. Now it appears the FMF is in custody. The cops found him quick because he was already on their radar but he had not been kicked out of the country for reasons not disclosed. He shot at the cops before being taken down. Aiders and abettors unknown/undisclosed at this time.

The real story is watching people tie themselves in knots trying to promote their angle.

*Meet the Parents "you can't say 'bomb' on a plane."

Orrey G.Rantor said...

"In Minnesota the authorities named the off duty cop who killed the terrorist but refused to identify the stabber because he is a Somali refugee.

That is the country we live in now."

Aka Clown World USA.

Sixty Grit said...

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Methadras said...

Shades of the IRA bombings perhaps? Guess ISIS has been learning from history.

Amartel said...

Hillary's not a robot, she's a zombie. A reanimated corpse.
It all makes sense now.
Also, all the zombies voting for her. Totally makes sense now. Zombie community solidarity. Zombie privilege. Zombie justice. Zombie equality. Zombie fairness. Zombie bathrooms. Zombie lives matter.

Amartel said...

More than 800 zombies mistakenly granted citizenship.