Wednesday, September 21, 2016

surprise maggot

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chickelit said...


Chip Ahoy said...

Bummer. This copy is poor. Another copy on YouTube is too explicit and gives away the surprise in the title. And I could not find the Reddit copy that's better than this.

A guy sees what appears to be two maggots. He tweezes one out. He tugs and tug on one and both maggots wiggle. But the maggots are actually the fake-out claws that evolved as traps for a big black hairy spider hidden deeper in the hole that comes out fighting mad for being disrupted this way. In attack mode for a bird, perhaps, imaging it pecking its decoy claws. It's scary as hell.

Methadras said...

That's awesome. lulz

Chip Ahoy said...

I'm dealing with an emergency presently.

Today is bottling and labeling day for the beer we brewed two weeks ago at COBrew. My friend who this is a gift for filled a few bottles, it's fun actually, then said, "Hey, I need to sit down for a moment. I took over both filling stations and continued filling bottles two-handed (the trick is start one bottle a few seconds before the second, I became ace bottle filler in one minute flat. Such heroism, innit) 4 cases. Meanwhile the guy sitting down was slowly becoming progressively worse. Light headed then finally slumping back in his stool. A worker there held him up while we called emergency. They carried him off in gurney.

What a bummer!

We have all 4 cases filled and capped and ready to be labeled and the project is halted at that point.

The guy seems okay, he's coherent and answering questions but emergency team cannot discover anything wrong so presently he's in emergency nearby hospital and I'm upstairs.

His car is downstairs and I have the keys. Hopefully it's nothing serious. But our day was a blowout.

I'm hoping it's something a bowl of cereal can fix. I sure hope so. He ain't no spring chicken, you know.

Amartel said...

What waking Hillary up in the morning looks like.

Synova said...

The spider thing... the spider is in a terrarium. It's pretty cool. It was not a surprise. Because who, for the love of all that's small and wiggly, decides to rescue maggots from a hole? No one.

And I thought I saw the video and I thought the guy was feeding the spider. In the terrarium. Still cool.