Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hillary advertisement

This is running presently in Colorado. It features:

I am Hillary Clinton and I approve this message

* Lindsey Graham: “Race baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.”
* Mit Romney: “Donald Trump is a phoney, a fraud.”
* Ben Sasse  “He’s not a serious adult.”
* Jeff Flake “ I cannot vote for Donald Trump given the things that he’s said.”
* Richard Hanna  “Trump should not be supported.”
* Reid Ribble “I believe he’s disqualified himself to be president.”
* Susan Collins “I jutht cannot thupport Donald Trump”

Then the text: Unfit. Dangerous. Even for Republicans.

Ooooooh, that’s going to hurt. 


You people, Clinton campaign, Republican NeverTrumpers just don’t get it. After all that’s happened all the ass kicking, you still just flat don’t get it. So, for the incredibly thick and slow on the uptake allow my humble self out in the hinterland to explain it to you. Again. These are the very people that Trump supporters are revolting against for their abject refusal to represent them. Again, for the very slow of learning, there is a vast swath of conservative voters that have been ignored for far too long and they are telling you in so many ways as available and through a series of election cycles that situation will be corrected, the easy way by simply heeding their wishes or the hard way by pushing all of you aside. You will be prevented from carving out your precious thin layer of ruling elite dependent upon them as voters that is separated from the voters that send you to Washington to do their bidding. They are not having it. 

That Hillary’s campaign imagines this is in any way cogent shows her isolation from voters is complete and her miscomprehension abject about what motivated voters who have enthusiastically elevated Trump above a solid slate of Republican candidates. 

Excuse me please, this is too horrible to believe. I fell another laughing fit coming on.

(I just now updated a bunch of Mac programs and this is not displaying properly on my screen. I checked the code and that is right. It's set for 525px X 315px  I'm seeing everything displayed way too tiny on my itty bitty laptop. Most annoying. The familiar control options are not available. ) 


Chip Ahoy said...

Okay, I get it now. The new update remembers the zoom setting that I make it. So there ya go.

Something incredibly nice happened today. Wanna hear it? Okay, goes like this:

I walked down the street to get a haircut and hit it off with the woman very nicely. Oh, how we laughed and laughed. How we regaled each other with light hearted stories. (She shaved my head like a military officer. Now I'm not just mad as a brush, I AM a brush.) But then when it came time to pay I could not find my wallet in my backpack. I tossed it in there right before I left. Along with my reading glasses, my keys, and my phone. You know, the things you put in your manpurse I meant to say backpack just now but that other word accidentally came out.

I rooted all around in there. Not there. Simply not there. I go, "I'm in trouble. How embarrassing. Here, keep my phone hostage." Both the hairdresser and the receptionist, both dolls I must say, without hesitation both said at once, "Oh no. No. No. No. We're not having it. Forget it. On us. We know you. You come in here all the time."

I couldn't believe they were so readily willing to accede to the situation. I told them I'd be right back. They both kept insisting No. No. No. Don't do that.

Then outside the hairdresser rushed out to the corner to reaffirm I must forget it. Just go home and don't bother coming back just for that. It's not important.

Then at the front door of my building I could not find my keys. Goddamnit, I KNOW that I put both those things in there.

It's a new backpack. Zippers all over the place. I opened the middle section, not the larger end section. They were both safely inside the backpack so I returned immediately and paid with extra tip because I was just so blown away about how beautiful these two birds are. They both really did not want to see me troubled with extra walking. When the truth is I can use the additional exercise.

It was just so beautiful. I was touched. I mean it. Sensitively touched, right there *boink* by two lovely angels. That are rather goth with tattoos.

'e admits it, 'e's teched, 'e is. Bless im.

chickelit said...

They should have quoted Barbara Bush: Twump hurt my widdle Jebbie!

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Chip, that ad may play well with Democrats (but they are mostly already for Clinton). The question is will it win over voters from Republican ranks and Independents. As you note, with many conservatives it might push them more for Trump. With Independents (really low information voters), my guess is it will be mostly ineffective. They don't know who these Republicans are anyway.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Your story with the barbers would make a great ad. Glad you did not lose your wallet and keys (other than temporarily)

edutcher said...

It's running in OH, too.

Any ad with Grahamnesty is going to go flat with so many people you wonder why they bother.

Unless they really are that dumb.

AllenS said...

That ad is why you should vote for Trump. They don't understand that.

ndspinelli said...

Great post, Chip. This is the Howard Beale election.

ndspinelli said...

Nate Silver is being vilified on Twitter for having the temerity to present the facts, that being the chances of Trump winning are now ~48%. Silver is a liberal but not an idiot. He's only "scary smart" when he says what Dems want to hear.

edutcher said...

RCP had the same thing a few days ago.

These guys are just covering themselves since a lot os battleground polls are showing Trump leads.

edutcher said...

Gateway is saying the are rumblings the Monday debate will be cancelled by Frumpty.

How much this has to do with her eyes and cancelling an event in NC where the race is razor-thin is anyone's guess, but people will be watching for any signs of seizure, cough, swoon, cackle, etc.

Methadras said...

If The Tremoring Harpy cancels the debates, she's done. I think she's done now. It's going to happen between now and the election. She is either going to drop dead or fall on camera or have a medical event within camera range. The media will shit themselves to spin it.

ndspinelli said...

Look for a new meme, Parkinson's Lives Matter, if she shakes herself right off the stage. A desperation move for her could be a vow she will not seek reelection. She'll give us her word!

ricpic said...

With the Hammacher Schlemmer handheld haircutter (it's like a fat comb) you can avoid the whole dealing with barbers hassle and give yourself a haircut at any time of the day or night. Like at 5 AM when you can't stay in bed another minute and you've got a little too much in back you just get out of bed, go over to the preferably three way mirror and presto change you've given yourself a haircut in like two minutes and no tip! Plus, the cleanup is minimal.

Hillary will bring the hate. Worse than the Snake if that's inhumanly possible, and it is. Are Americans so braindead they don't see she's nothing but a walking, okay stumbling bundle of mean-mad?

edutcher said...

I think they do.

Else even Democrats wouldn't be abandoning her.

MamaM said...

I'm waiting for something truly deplorable to happen.

I really like that word: Deporable, an adjective used to describe something extremely bad or unfortunate, from the French word déplorer meaning "to give up as hopeless," meaning something is so bad, there is no hope of improvement.

MamaM said...

More on deplorable:

-of very poor quality or condition
-shockingly bad in quality.
-bringing or deserving severe rebuke, censure or strong condemnation

I see her use of "deplorable" as a Thought Print, a term used by a forensic profiler, Andrew Hodges who discovered a deeper moral compass which prompts people to invariably tell the truth—between the lines—in the special symbolic “thoughtprint” language of the subconscious. Tracing repeat matching “thoughtprints” —unique in each case— verifies the message. His work has added an entirely new dimension to the science of psycholinguistics.

Hillary's public focus on the deplorable behavior of others, while engaging in ongoing and deeply deplorable behavior herself, involving layers of lies and cover-up, is another covert act, a way of telling the truth about herself in code.