Thursday, September 22, 2016

Everytime a BLM protestor goes on TV another 100 Trump voters are's a Wonderful Life!

The riots in North Carolina are typical of the racial healing brought by our first black President. Trump made a very reasonable speech today supporting law and order. Saying we have to respect the right to protest but not the "right to riot." This is not sitting at a lunch counter or going to the front of the bus. This is destruction of property, disruption of everyday life and the murders of black people by other black people. That is where the danger lies as Trump pointed out. He correctly stated that if there was a national stop and frisk movement crime would go down precipitously.

Of course the criminals and savages and their families will be vehemently against this. This little sweetheart with her sputtering incoherent rage is typical. It is what you get when you indulge them. When you give them "room to vent." When as the Baltimore Mayor said they need room to "destroy."

You get Crown Heights. You get Ferguson. You get Baltimore. You get Charlotte.

North Carolina is supposedly a toss up state. Hillary's answer is that she is going to tell white people to be less racist. Trump's answer is stop and frisk to protect minority lives even if it is at the expense of political correctness.

How do you think that plays?


Methadras said...

It's like listening to a 5 year old struggle with logic at the playskool level.

Trooper York said...

This is what happens when you enable idiots to think they are being abused.

ricpic said...

I've read that the Democrats want this chaos in order to energize the black vote.

Okay, I'm not going to say the obvious. I'll put it in the form of a question:

Will Charlotte be advantage Rodham or advantage Trump?

What do you think?

Shouting Thomas said...

I lived through the crack epidemic and the takeover of the streets in Brooklyn by black gangs.

Rudi Giuliani put an end to that madness within a couple of years with stop and frisk.

Trump, as usual, has it right.

edutcher said...

More like another 100,000.

As I keep saying, just like '68.

my problem is, while Pissy was off in Indonesia being told the sweetest sound on Earth was the Moslem call to prayer, both Dr Evil and Frumpty were in this country and had to see the effect the various riots of the day had on the electorate.

Or am I missing something?

Chip Ahoy said...

What do I think?

It's all bout the feelz. What do I feel? I hear Trump saying, "Try something different for once, what do you have to loose?" And I sense that reasoning resonating with some voters who have had it up to their ears with status quo that leaves them stuck. Lagniappes can take you only so far and then leave you wanting . Plus, for these same people Trump is role model, a BOSS, with his own plane and his own nice cars. hot babes, his own posse, who does what he likes, Like rappers. Trump is more like a guy in a rap video, and then there is Hillary, putting on her fake-ass black accent, patronizing to people who are sensitive to such things.

If you feel trapped, then do something to free yourself from the trap. Trump offers a way out, seems to anyway, a whole different way of thinking, I think and I feel that a lot of people sense this especially when Trump tells them explicitly.

It goes, *ding* hey, I just now got a great idea. I thought this all on my own. Try a different party for once. Not everybody is stuck absolutely like the cab driver who told me he never listens to any Republican. Trump is not of the mold. And it shows. He's more their type. Trump's slash and burn history resonates. He can be their leader like no other Republican can. His difference makes all the difference here.

Meanwhile Hillary is left shrilling, "You may ask, 'Why am I not 50 points ahead?'" No dear, you might ask that. We don't.

There will be those who are so stuck they can never vote Republican ever. But they're stupid. They're not out there rioting either. They're the ones who want and need government to structure their lives and hang all their hopes on Democrats. And there is only so much government can do for them. After that, government sits on them like a ton of bricks.

windbag said...

Charlotte is a very divided city, racially. We lived there for five years, and my in-laws still live in the area. I worked at a bank downtown that had lost a class action suit against its black employees for discrimination. Every black employee received a pay out. It had been years, and it was still a sore subject, brought up every few days by both sides. The resentment of the white employees and the outrage of the black employees was terrible.

I once was looking for an address in the projects, and a woman came up to me and said, "I don't know why you're here, but you're the wrong color, and you best be gone before it gets dark." She didn't have to tell me twice. I never could tell if that was an act of charity or a threat.

If the Catholics are right, then my time in Charlotte negates any time in Purgatory.

Chip Ahoy said...

Every time one screams irrationally at the camera and allowing for no rejoinder, I vote 4X as hard.

How is that done?

By pushing the pen into the paper until it nearly rips through. Like a maniac. And drawing arrows all around my selection pointing at my choice of candidate.

I did that with my census. There were stories circulating across media that if you failed to comply then the government aggressively sends teams of inquisitors to your home. I scratched all over my census cursing them out for asking questions that are none of their bizwax. Calling them racists for asking. Writing, "None of your goddamn business" all over the form. Accusing them of distorting the purpose of census. Telling them what they are doing is illegal. Busting their balls all up and down. Writing over what I already wrote. So whoever reads it must think, "Jesus Christ, this guy is insane!" Nobody would want to interview an asshole like me. It's not worth the trouble. Then I felt bad. Real bad. Real real bad. This bad:
--> . <--

William said...

I wonder why there is no black person who is willing to speak up for the black officer involved in this shooting. Why do they reflexively take the side of a guy with a bunch of priors over a man who has led an exemplary life? Why is there no division within the black community about this shooting?.......Coleman Young when he was mayor of Detroit made every effort to make sure that the young black men of his community were not harassed by the police. Unfortunately, he did not make a corresponding effort to ensure that the community was spared from the predations of young black men. Black people with money and options moved out of Detroit to safer communities where they could once against protest against police harassment .

Trooper York said...

This is going to get worse before it gets better. It doesn't matter that it was a black cop. The bulk of these so called protestors are straight up criminals.

At least the Governor of North Carolina has a freaking brain in his head. He put in a curfew and sent in the National Guard.

You have to train an animal that there will be punishment if it bites. It is as simple as that.

bagoh20 said...

"Of course the criminals and savages and their families will be vehemently against this."

Usually when someone calls me a "savage" they mean it in a good way.