Sunday, September 18, 2016

Parachute Colorado

I wonder why they named it that.

It was almost named something else.


ricpic said...

I have no idea why Parachute was named Parachute but I do know, by way of the radio, that there's a town in Iowa called Panora which was actually going to be named Panorama because the settlers were bowled over by a beautiful prairie sunset when they first set eyes on the place but a killjoy said "No, that's too long, let's shorten it to Panora." And the dunces did. They agreed to jettison Panorama for Panora. So there.

AllenS said...

We have Chili in Wisconsin.

Dad Bones said...

AllenS...It sure is chilly in Chili today. Probably been said a million times.

Southeast Nebraska has some curious names: Bee, Colon, Worms, Magnet, Funk and McCool Junction, the only one I've seen.