Friday, September 16, 2016

Master Troll Class!

“It’s hard to imagine this as anything other than a political rick-roll,” anchor Jake Tapper .

Another master class in political troll-fu was administered by Donald Trump on the biased scumbag media. After the way they cut away from the Angel Moms at the Republican Convention Trump knew that they only way he would get coverage of his endorsement by Medal of Honor winners was to bait and switch. So he had the CNN and FOX cameras running while he talked about his hotel and then had generals and admirals and Medal of Honor winners who were happy to endorse him. All the while the scumbag press was waiting for him to apologize for being a "Birther." 

Which he didn't do. Never apologize because it is a sign of weakness. Just as it is a sign of weakness to call David Duke deporable because then the media game is who else is deporable. The Alt-Right? Milo? His voters? You don't play their game. You stick it up their ass. They have no choice but to cover his campaign.

He had an event in New Hampshire where the press was a half  hour late. He started without him and mocked these worthless scumbags. What they do? Here are some quotes:

“This is completely ridiculous and unacceptable. This has gone on for way to [sic] long and it’s time we take a stand,” said one member of the traveling press.
“The press corps is at a boiling point here and was more frustrated tonight than ever,” said another.
“There’s the want to do something among traveling press of course — being constantly mocked and demonized is awful — but there’s the competing feeling that news organizations have almost let too much slide to have any bargaining power at this point,” said a third member of Trump’s traveling press corps."
Awwww poor babies. What have they done but demonized Trump 24/7? Not ust Trump. Bush, McCain and Romney before him. Trump is not a pussy like them so he will troll them and make them look like the biased scum that they are. They will be freaking out and attacking him even more. Regular people will discount them because they have overplayed their hand. They started out a 100% anti-Trump and they can't ratchet it up anymore than they already have without looking ridiculous.
This is what Trump is best at. He will bambozzle the press and get his message out to the people over their biased scumbag heads. While concern trolling Hillary as she drools and collapses at the podium during the debate. They are starting to panic.  
Too bad I can't eat popcorn anymore.


Sixty Grit said...

She's dead, Jim.

Trooper York said...


I was very interested in the responses of the NeverTrumper douche nozzles.. Prime shithead Allahpundit was all butt hurt. In fact I think he even sprained his poor vagina.

rcocean said...

LOL - Yeah the supposedly "conservative" Allahpundit and supposedly "Conservative' Hot Air.

Trooper York said...

It is funny how Trump gets them reveal themselves. The press is going full retard on this one.

Of course they are angry that Trump is honoring veterans on POW/MIA day at an event opening his new hotel that was scheduled months in advance. Completed ahead of schedule and under budget. It drives them insane.

He is inside their heads.

AllenS said...

You're right, TY, he is inside their heads, but he's also inside Melania's shorts, which is a double bonus.

edutcher said...

Drove them berserk.

Which, I believe, is right outside Scranton.