Sunday, September 18, 2016

When is a bomb not a bomb?

When to goal is to  protect Hillary and Obama and Muslim terrorists.

The main concern of the scumbag press is that Donald Trump called this incident what it was...a bomb. As soon as it happened. But the press his shitting a hemorrhage because he didn't wait and make excuses. You know. Say it could have been an accident. Or a lone wolf. Or something else other than what it is. A terrorist incident. The bombs were copies of the ones used in Boston but that doesn't tell them anything. Because the goal is to protect Muslim terrorists. It is more important to protect Muslim sensibilities then it is to protect Americans.

It is not just New York under Red Bill De Blasio. The Muslim security guard who stabbed the people in Minnesota shouted Allahu Akbar. They can't explain that away as hard as they might try. Why do they have Muslim security guards? Wasn't that guy in Orlando also a security guard? There aren't any unemployed American black kids that needed a job as a security guard? This was done with a knife. Is Hillary going to institute knife control? Or should we look at the people who are committing these attacks?

The press is so biased and ultra politically correct that it is impossible for the truth to get out. Luckily citizens can post their own videos on the Internet and let people know what is happening out on the street. The politicians and the media and all of the usual suspects will try to cover this up to protect Muslim terrorists. Once again only Donald Trump is telling the truth. This was the work of Muslim terrorist and we need to do something about this. We have to vet the recent immigrants and deport the ones who are dangerous. It is that simple.


edutcher said...

Well, IS is cheering it as a bombing, so make your own determinations.

But, yeah, every one of these from now until election day means more Trump votes.

And, speaking of which, a couple more pieces of good news. If you like the LAT poll, it's saying Trump has 20% support among blacks. Their lips to God's ears.

But, even better, President Pissy says he is now on the ballot. IOW, it's all about HIM.

Especially if blacks don't turn out for Frumpty.

He'll consider it a personal insult. And hold his breath until he turns blue.

Trooper York said...

I want Obama to explain why the US violated a Russian brokered ceasefire in Syria to bomb anti ISIS forces to help ISIS in Syria?

It was a blatant effort to aide ISIS. Did Obama have anything to do with it? Or was it just sheer incompetence. I have heard many members of the Armed Forces complain that the smallest bombing missions have to be approved all the way up the chain of commmand. Who approved this and why?

Trooper York said...

Of course the press will not report this. Or ask any questions.

ricpic said...

Hey, the best and the brightest have succeeded in turning us into their beloved Europe, complete with incessant Muslim terror attacks. What's not to love?

I wonder where Schmendrik is? I'll bet if he were to be honest he'd say America has it, because!

edutcher said...

FWIW, letter written partly in Arabic found on the second bomb.

Wotta coinkydink.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Hillary called it a bombing too and then Jake Tapper and CNN edited the tape. Jake is pissed he got played last week so now he is giving up all pretense of being fair.

chickelit said...

Jake Tapper is a tool and a stooge like the rest of them. He has probably already outlined his memoire "The Rise And Fall Of The Trump Reich" in his head.

Methadras said...

Trump called it like it is. Leftists shit themselves to deny it.