Saturday, September 24, 2016

What is the silliest reason you've seen someone get offended?

Reddit top comments...

My girlfriends mom gets offended if you try to disagree with her in front of other people. She will pull you aside later and try to get you to apologize for embarrassing her so badly. 

Told her that her kids would be seated at the kids table, and she freaked out that they were family members of the groom and shouldn't be shunned... So we immediately said we'd change the seating plan so they could sit with her, to which she got even MORE offended because she didn't want to spend the reception with a bunch of children and demanded she be with adults only.

My girlfriend wouldn't speak to me for 12 hours because I said her cat impression wasn't convincing. 


john said...

Didn't read them all but certainly detected a trend in these 3 examples.

Isn't "offended" pretty much a feminine construct? Do guys ever say "you offended me"? No, they say you pissed me off.

ndspinelli said...

I told a stranger that for a fat girl she didn't sweat much. For some reason she took offense.

ricpic said...

It's pretty silly to be offended by some other person's good fortune but that form of offense, otherwise known as resentment, afflicts about half the population.

Chip Ahoy said...

How long have you got?

Toni was deeply offended and ragged on me for days for asking her to quit singing in the car because she's ruining every single song for me. She's a terrible singer but I'm supposed to feel glee that SHE feels comfortable enough to sing poorly in my presence.

Toni was also gravely offended when she borrowed my favorite sweater and I asked her not to pull it down past waist (I don't do that myself) to around her hips (wide) to cover her butt (wide) as she does her own sweaters, stretching my guy's sweater into a hippy wide butt chick sweater. For some strange reason that request was considered effrontery.

Valerie got mad as hell at me for not introducing my family, specifically my mother when passing in the space between two gigantic sets of Federal Reserve Bank doors. The doors themselves are difficult to manage, the group of people was tricky to manage, Plus my family showed up unexpectedly without calling then tested me on names I hadn't seen in two decades, "Know who this is?" (no) and "This is how you dress?" (I was wearing jeans to work to move things that day) Entering the building as we were exiting onto the mall, Valerie took it racially. She thought I was too embarrassed to introduce my mother to her. She was 100% wrong, my mum would be delighted to meet her, but I was too confused by the situation in it entirety, I couldn't come up with names with that movement and in that tight space, but all that didn't matter. Valerie saw something different.

But worse is myself. I get offended by the stupidest most harmless things too. My brother said, "I'm getting tired of this place smelling like a gymnasium" Put me right off for days. And it was HIS clothes spread around all the furniture in Hawaii. Not mine. He was complaining about himself, but I got offended.

I get offended by very insignificant slights. It's a character flaw. One tiny slight and I'm all, "fuck you right straight to hell, then."

My dad said very late after we were all well grown, "you know I should have treated you boys differently. I had to actually berate your older brother for anything to sink through, everything just rolled off him like water off a duck, but one little cross word to you and you were crushed. You'd mope around silently for a week. And it's true.

What a f'k'n bummer!

I've become more thick-skinned since then. *pulls skin* Well, maybe not actually thick skinned but you know what I mean. Quit picking on me! GAWL

ricpic said...

Chip is a.......SENSITIVE SOUL!

(That'll probably offend him.)

Actually, everyone has amour propre (for which there is no exact english equivalent, though sense of self-worth is close) which when mocked or belittled causes almost everyone to take offense. And rightly so. Okay, Mother Teresa wouldn't take offense.

Leland said...

I doubt I'll find the silliest, and certainly not before it is surpassed by another; since certain people seem to be easily offended these days.

MamaM said...

Sometimes very late awareness can be good enough to grant the insight needed to let go of the offence or lessen the degree to which the behavior experienced still annoys, bothers or derails.

Sixty Grit said...

Well said, MamaM, and timely, too, as I am currently gritting my teeth over some bad behavior I was the target of.

But on the other hand, just today we were talking about names, and a friend mentioned a family whose last name was "Null". No, really. Talk about making filling out forms impossible.

Last name - Null.

Does not compute.

Then I remembered a guy named Knill. Pronounced "nil". The first "k" is silent. Anyway, that zero hazed me back in 11th grade, and now, nearly 50 years on, I still want to punch him in the face.

Is carrying a grudge considered aerobic training?