Saturday, September 17, 2016

"What's something everyone just accepts as normal that's actually completely fucked up when you think about it?"

Reddit best answers...
That medical insurance considers dental and eye care separate from your overall health.

Expecting service workers to stand all day.

Americans seem to be quite content with their 2 weeks vacation per year.

Commuting over an hour to a 45+ hour per week job.

The fact that we will tell, in detail, a rape story, murder, what have you, on the news, and even put photos of a carbomb or the horrible scene, but will edit the word fuck, shit, etc from the headline about it.

People won't let their kids play outside alone due to stranger danger, but will then post pictures and every detail of their lives (including their children's) on social media.

The Bystander Effect.
The more people that are around, the less likely someone is to intervene in a situation.

Having to walk into a job interview with a rationale for why you want to work for that specific company when everyone knows you're there because you need a job and they have one.


Lem said...

Every comedy bit George Carlin ever did.

AprilApple said...

That Democrats think their democrat leaders do good work.

bagoh20 said...
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bagoh20 said...

The strange unexplainable phenomenon of how Democrats always lose their email. What's up with that, and why isn't SOMEBODY in jail for it?

bagoh20 said...

Having to pay a percentage of every penny you make to the government multiple times.
Getting taxed again on the same money for giving it away to friends and family.
Getting taxed again when you spend it.
Having to keep records of all your transactions so you can be taxed.
Someone else deciding how much water can come out of your showerhead, and toilet.
Having the government control every aspect of your relationship with someone you work for or hire down to what you must wear, how long you can work, what you can be paid, what questions you can ask, and what words you can say.
Having people who know nothing about you and care nothing about you making endless rules for virtually everything you do your entire life. Try to think of something that is not regulated by strangers far away.
Getting very little back in return for all this.

ricpic said...

What does everyone accept as normal that is actually effed up?

There are two answers:

a) The Universe

b) Salad

Rabel said...

Quarterly taxes were due Sept. 15. Let's all say a little prayer of thanks for Bags.

rcocean said...


Sixty Grit said...


Trooper York said...

Hillary Clinton.

Adamsunderground said...

Modern women's idea of old-fashioned courtship. Jump through those hoops of treating her special, but don't dare expect her to entertain a text or phone call every few days to remind her you exist beyond your wallet.

Adamsunderground said...

Expecting service workers to stand all day.

Construction workers must be carried aloft wings of angel farts to each of their daily tasks. Hey Barristas, make sure to shift your tootsies on that anti-fatigue mat, lest you develop a life threatening callus.

Adamsunderground said...

Fuck this. We're in a post-apocalypse of society, only everyone's too scared to stop deluding themselves about it. Tomorrow I verbally strip the hide off of Suzanne. She'll be all to relieved to feel victimized by harsh words to her ego rather than confront her gold digging.

Synova said...

The list is more "things that seem fucked up on the surface but you don't think about it, because you're unable to think at all, or you'd realize that..."

"Insurance" isn't about your health and is certainly not about all the things that are normal expected expenses. What is fucked up if you *think about it* is expecting to get "insurance" to pay for your expected expenditures.

Americans aren't "content" with two weeks of vacation and many people get more, but that humans get vacation at all is sort of amazing and wonderful in the grand scheme of the human experience. There was a time when humans had only advanced to the state of being able to take the Sabbath off work and now we take a weekend so for granted that we expect vacations, too.

That horrible things are *why* we try so hard to "civilize" our lives and language. Because life is so much less horrible now than it ever has been, we no longer value the pretense of manners and social niceties and think it makes sense to worry about headlines not containing the word "fuck".

What's increasingly "normal" but fucked up if you think about it is the number of people who say really gawd awful stupid things like (to pick a non-random example)... Feminine products should be free in all bathrooms. People NEED them so they shouldn't have to pay for them." This is adult (choke) persons who have internalized the notion that no one should have to actually pay for the things they *need*. This is something we teach children by letting them use "their" money for toys and entertainment while providing all of their necessities. They grow up and think that they shouldn't have to pay for anything that is necessary.

Now that's fucked up.