Wednesday, September 21, 2016

beer bottling

Two five gallon buckets with spouts affixed to the bottom containg the fermented beer are placed on a shelf at forehead level.

The spouts are triggered by a valve at the bottom of the hose so when inserted inside the bottle and the bottle lifted upward then the beer flows through the hose. The bottles are filled to nearly the top and passed to the guy pressing on the caps.

"Want to tastes some?" 


"Mmmm, tastes like toothpaste." 

It takes a lot of force to crimp the caps. 

A portable bottle washing device is situated directly behind the two people. It's a about a gallon size bowl with disinfectant sudsy cleanser that is not rinsed out. It just drips out of upside down bottles as they go. The disinfectant does not interfere with the beer. You press down on a pump that squirts the liquid upward into the bottle held upside down. A plastic case of cleaned bottles is passed to the people filling them with beer.

There are two people filling bottles. After just starting the man in blue began feeling ill. I took over and filled bottles two-handedly. "Hey, look at me, I'm ace at this." 

"I see that." 

"The trick is, start one bottle a little bit before the other." 

"Yeah, you got the trick." 

It was fun. 

Until tragedy struck. The guest had to leave in the most dreadful way imaginable. 

So the labeling is put off for later. 


MamaM said...

My imagination is pretty graphic. Looking forward to seeing them labeled.

MamaM said...

Oh. I found the real story further down and had to haul back my imagination to save for use elsewhere. I hope the friend made it through. And I'm still looking forward to seeing a labeled bottle.

Chip Ahoy said...

Nothing imaginative. They look commercial.

A photograph of Maroon Bells in autumn chosen for it's gold color.

Text on top of that. Gold color outlined in black.

The guy's name

Pale ale

Colorado Gold.

I kept it simple. Nothing goofy. It looks like a Coors type of label.