Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Roast Battle: Christi Chiello vs. Evan Williams.....Very Funny but not safe for work.

Since I don't have cable I have to look for entertainment elsewhere. One of the best sources is Youtube. It live streams on my TV and there are tons of interesting stuff. Old Westerns. Full movies. All kinds of stuff.

Lately I have been listening to comedy and found these hidden gems. It seems a comedy club in Manhattan has this Roast where two young comics go head to head ranking each other out. It can be pretty funny stuff. I knew  Christi Chiello from her appearances on Bob Kelly's podcast which is another cool listen. She sounds like a cartoon character but can be pretty funny. This paticular one was brutal in the put downs.

These face off's can be pretty entertaining. It is like being in a comedy club without the watered down drinks or the drunks heckling the comics. Just a way to pass some time. Good stuff.    

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Chip Ahoy said...

That is funny.

I notice there's never any spare ribs or baked beans at these roasts. What's up with that?