Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Fall of Fox News

Fox News: Number One Liberal News Outlet
by Don Surber September 28, 2016

With the exception of Sean Hannity, there is not one Fox News contributor backing the conservative candidate in the 2016 presidential race. For all its bloviating over the years about the liberal bias in the mainstream media. Fox News is the No. 1 cable channel of all, including ESPN. And now Fox News is just as liberal.

When you look at where some of that $2.3 billion a year in Fox News revenues go, the reason is clear. The Family Murdoch has invested heavily in Hillary Clinton's election. They want access, and so the family is doing all it can to elect her.

From Breitbart on January 26:
21st Century Fox/News Corp. ranks ninth on the list of the top “corporate and union donors to the Clintons over two decades,” according to a little-noticed list compiled by The Wall Street Journal in 2014. The list counts donations from “companies, foundations, and employees.”
21st Century Fox also ranks as the 13th biggest contributor to Hillary Clinton during her political career, according to a database maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics. The database credits the Rupert Murdoch-owned company as having pitched in $340,936 to her campaigns. That puts Fox just below Lehman Brothers, but eleven spots below second-place Goldman Sachs, on the pro-Clinton list.
Fox News has played its conservative viewers for suckers.

Consider the debate. Dozens of online polls showed viewers clearly thought Trump won, yet all but one of two dozen people quoted in Fox News's "Who Won? Pundits Weigh In on Trump-Clinton Debate" said Hillary won. The lone exception said it was a tie.

The quotes.

From Bernard Goldberg, who makes his living now mocking liberal bias in the media: "Trump started strong. But he can't run from his past -- Birther, Tax Returns."

From Ben Shapiro: "First 30 minutes: all Trump. Since then, disaster for Trump."

From Katie Pavlich: "Trump clearly has no idea what nuclear first use is"

From Rich Lowry: "Gotcha question on first use and Trump evidently doesn't know what it is"

From Michael Reagan, sounding more like brother Ron Junior by the hour: "She ended up looking and acting more Presidential....its the truth"

From Montel Williams: "Missing from @realDonaldTrump circus freak performance was anything remotely approaching a conservative idea"

From David A. French: "After the first fifteen-twenty minutes, it was like the SS Trump hit the iceberg, then backed up and hit it again just because."

And on and on and on.

Now everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Fox News should balance out its anti-Trump, pro-Hillary pundits with a Trump guy.

Hell, CNN hired Corey Lewandowski.

Fox News has become another liberal media outlet.



It might as well be staffed by the faculty at Brown. 

(Here is an article about Bloody Megyn Kelly at Ace of Spades)


edutcher said...

Again, the influence of Rupert's sons, now that they have him because of that phone scandal in Blighty.

I expect most of the viewership is falling away.

Be interesting if the Trump family saw the opportunity for an Conservative news net helmed by Ailes.

Trooper York said...

Actually it will be run by Ivanka's husband Kushner who is the editor of the Observer. He is Trump's number one advisor right now and a power player.

ricpic said...

If I had a billion I'd be a good billionaire. But I don't have a billion. It's a shanda!

Troop's closing in on his first hundred million but he'll never reach a billion ha ha ha ha ha. Plus, the Mets'll make the playoffs and guess who won't?

For me it's a big day when I return a piece of clothing to a catalog house. The refund feels like I'm making money.

Patrick said...

Quite apart from whether he is the better off the two candidates, Trump is not a conservative, as Trooper h2ad acknowledged. The real question is whether Fox ought to spey the non-Hillary candidate.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

WE watch Fox Business and there is a lot of Trump support there. Lou Dobbs practically wears a Trump logo on his chest and waves Trump pom poms. We love it and record Lou Dobbs at Nite in order to watch the Trump rally nightly. Cavuto and other business talking heads seem to be more modestly pro Trump as I think they see that business in the US will be positively impacted by Trump's policies and if Hillary is elected expect business to continue to tank with a GDP approaching negative territory.

Trump is not a conservative and frankly I find that a good thing because the hoity toity exclusive Conservative club members have been absolute failures in the past. Talk a good talk and then fall apart when it comes to show time. Who needs them? They are useless gasbags who are puffed up with their own self importance.