Sunday, September 18, 2016

Stronger Together

Well yeah, when you're carried aloft and purely by virtue of tenure within a political party, and certainly not by any measurable meaningful accomplishments and dragged forward entirely by being married to a president of the United States and with all negatives dismissed and covered not just by party but also by entire government Departments including State Department, Justice Department even so far as corrupting and diminishing the FBI, and with the collusion of a hopelessly corrupted national media.

And that's an odd sentiment to express when you traduce outright half your opposing party's voters and presume to rule over them while promising to do away with Constitutional protections important to them only to match your own conceit and while keeping those protections for yourself and your carved out ruling class. Stronger by division is far more accurate.

Help me out. Which Photochop do you prefer?

But about Hillary's and that other guy's book. I'm against it. 

Not the book, I'm against Amazon reviews to her book. I'm against people dropping reviews on books that they obviously haven't read. And this is obvious by the reviews themselves that talk about anything, talk about everything but the actual contents of the book, whatever is in it. Nobody knows. Her party's loyalists do this all the time and they do it to every conservatively political book. Every single time. Reliably so. It's obnoxious. And it speaks to partisans worked up out of their minds more than anything else. Their opinions are dismissed out of hand and the review is called out in responses to their bogus reviews.  

Except this time.

I'm for it.  It's hilarious. And not just because the situation is reversed, rather, because the reviews are actually hilarious. These people maintain a great sense of humor throughout. Like a comedy contest.  And boy, do they ever have her number. Every single documented public sin of Hillary Rodham Clinton's is accounted for and unforgiven in review of this silly book of hers. And worse for her, there are more reviews to the book unread than there are sales of the book. Assured better reading than the book.

Cutting humor certainly is stronger than I've ever seen. This is epic.

Comments to the reviews are rather good too.

For cheering levity, recommended.


edutcher said...

The irony is her "husband" and the Inventor of the Internet started this nonsense of putting out a novel about how much they cared for all the Little People, so it's fitting it should be laughed out of politics by her and the Comedy Sidekick.

Sydney said...

I like the orange pantsuit photo. Subtly reminds me she should be in prison.

AllenS said...

It takes several villages to carry Hillary.

Adamsunderground said...

Crowd surfeiting