Friday, September 30, 2016

Alicia Machado's fat shaming hypocrisy

Or is that hippocrisy? Doesn't matter. Were it not for hypocrisy and racism there'd be nothing at all to their party. It fairly well defines them. They can see all manner of evil in others and none of the same in themselves. And when they do, it's all good time fun time humor and jest. Ha ha ha.

Here is Alicia Machado in a fat suit goofing around, making fun of her obesity. On account of being so terribly traumatized by embarrassment. The YouTube description says, "The actress said she wanted to play the role after he suffered discrimination when she was Miss Universe." Discrimination. Breach of contract is more like it. The discrimination that overweight women feel after gaining 60LBS following a Miss Universe win. So terrible she had to stuff her doughnut hole compulsively. The title is "My Fat Friend." 

It's not that fat is so bad, it's that it's not what represents Miss Universe. She's lucky that she wasn't sued for breach of contract. And there is a readily available solution. Lay off the four burritos lunches.

There's more.

Here is Alicia Machado in fat suit again having fun on the El Gordo y La Flaca show. Fat and skinny. I always thought this show is a bit weird, but here it is, two overweight people having great fun with their own condition. 

This is the source for my anim. If they can have fun then so can I. And there's nothing hypocritical about it. And I'm getting quite tired of everyone calling me scrawny. That's very hurtful.  So this is my way of striking back. To compensate for the emotional pain that I feel. Hillary should be ashamed of herself for dredging up all these hard feelings we have. What an awful woman. And just for that I'll continue to make fun of her own debilitating health problems. The trouble with that is, I'm actually worse. Drudge linked to a photo of Hillary staring down a the stairs. How rude! That and a railing is the only way I can get up and down them. And even that's doing pretty good. Everybody's so mean!

The only thing left is to laugh at yourself.


ndspinelli said...

Timely. I just got back from a Bill Burr concert in Madison. He started off his act about fat actresses whining about being fat shamed and he ripped them a new asshole. There was a Hillary supporter in the crowd[go figure..Madison] and he professionally skewered the woman. He savaged Hillary and also slammed Trump, but no doubt who he hates. He treated Trump like an idiot, Hillary like she's the dangerous one. But, Burr is not political. I mean he slams PC but you can tell he's not that into politics. He is a very smart, creative, self deprecating guy. Saw Sam Kinnison shortly before he died. He was smart and creative but mostly went for the easy gimmicky laughs. Burr challenges himself and the audience. A real fucking pro. Only one opener and Burr performed for 70 minutes.

Chip Ahoy said...

That sounds like a great show.

ampersand said...

So! Who more likely hired a tubby part time porn star with drug connections and a murderous past, Hill or Bill?

rcommal said...

Awww, honey, Mr. Chips, I've been able to laugh at myself for a half-century, and for good reason did I so learn to do that, way back then.

AprilApple said...

CNN and the Hillary campaign have successfully trolled him. He needs to shut it off and get the subject back on Clinton Crime, Inc.
Doubt if he will. I thought he wanted to win this thing as I watched his poll numbers chart up, but now that he's botched one debate, let this non-story go nuclear, and 2 more debates with democrat operatives allowed to be moderators - I'm back to thinking he doesn't really want to win.

Trooper York said...


You never thought he was in it to win it.

Heres the thing. We all make mistakes. We have to be who we are. Trump is just being Trump. He will go after the personal attacks. He will go after Hillary. His words resonate with people who want change. I think he has to be himself and attack even if all the pundits say this is the wrong thing to do. Because the pundits were totally wrong about everything he has done so far this time around.

He needs to put a line under this. He can just say that this woman is just the type of person that your husband would sexually abuse in the White House. The type of person you surround yourself with like Anthony Weiner and your husband. Does America want four years of this in the White House?

ricpic said...

The Dems really think this fat Latina story is going to sway the election? We're that dumb? Don't answer that.

William said...

Yes. I don't think it's possible to win an election in America if you lose the overweight women. They are the largest chunk of the American electorate, and Hillary claims to speak for them. She cannot claim with much authenticity to speak for black people, but there's a bond between her and overweight women that Trump can never break.

AprilApple said...

Ok - the other option is that the man wants to win, but he's an idiot.

rcommal said...

Of course Trump was in it to win it.

rcommal said...

Anyone who's been following these people since at least the early/mid- '80s knows that about all of them; that is to say: the whole kit and caboodle of'em.

rcommal said...

It's up to the consumers, those who get to choose with their feet.

rcommal said...

They're all in it to win it, and none of them care about you. Not a single one. Why on earth are you expecting some damn president, any damn president, to care about you? Why on earth ever have you expected so? While I wouldn't count on your local politicos to care about you (that depends on whom you elect, locally), if you want to pin expectations of caring on an office-holder, I suggest you choose to do so on a more local one. That is not the role of the POTUS. It isn't.

Or, wait, did I miss something? Way back in old-school civics education (via my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents), decades ago? Or at least even what a whole bunch of you have been talking about for much of the last 15-20 years? That must be it.

Unless--is the argument this: "They did it first! Now it's my turn!"?

Dang. Now that there is one helluva way to defend a Republic. Not! So awesome. My working theory going forward is that the notion of these United States as a Republic is a goner. Dead. Over. By popular acclamation. From Left to Right, from Right to Left, all across the spectrum, back and forth, for and back, over and over and over and over again.

So, I guess all of the convulsions through which we're suffering has to do with in which way our collectively desired national Democracy is going to take us. Given the tendencies of we, the people of the United States, to be so damned attached, these days, to mostly being concerned with poking fingers into most everyone else's/elses' eyes, I can only conclude that what everyone is working toward, for, is a "Pure Democracy," every man, woman and child (and cis, etc. etc. etc. etc., whatever) for itself.

Hey, let's go for it! Since it's pretty much inevitable now, anyway, innit. Whoohoo!