Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Are National Anthem Protests Costing NFL Viewership?"

(WWJ) James Olson, a Sports Illustrated subscriber since fourth grade, watches action-packed NFL games on TV to escape from the endless round of political bickering playing out on other channels.

But with more national anthem protests cropping up, he feels like politics has taken over his favorite sport, too. So he’s tuning out.

“I want to say to these guys ‘If you weren’t playing in the NFL, you would be working at McDonalds. I think people have had it,” said, Olson, a Birmingham, Mich., resident.

He’s not alone.

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ndspinelli said...

I think these protests are horseshit. But to think they will have any significant impact on viewership is an insular view @ best.

Sixty Grit said...

I stopped watching years ago, so I can't not watch any more than I already do.

To hell with the NFL and their brain-damaged players.

edutcher said...

No doubt in my mind.

Too much of the NFL viewership is working stiffs that get what this is all about.

for some of the "athletes" to complain about oppression after they've been pampered all their lives is more than a lot of people can take.

ricpic said...

Well, I should hope dissing the flag is driving people away from watching the goons perform.

Speaking of which, when is Troop gonna put up a Brangelina post? Scathing or mocking, either way would work for me.

Speaking of which, did Angelina doom her marriage with that double mastectomy? I think so.

Sixty Grit said...

Word on the street is that her children now have to return to their countries of origin.

But you know how streets do love to gossip.

Leland said...

I this agree about the significant impact, just look at the viewership decline of ESPN. I can agree that not all of the NFL viewership decline (it is happening) is because of the protest, but it is, as with ESPN, part of opportunity cost. I can either watch the NFL for entertainment or do something else with my entertainment time. Younger generations prefer to play Madden rather than watch TV they can't control. Older people will decide, like Mr. Olson, to do something else. Nobody should ever care if a 2nd string QB is too lazy to stand for 90 secs even while his butt hurts. So if the NFL thinks they should care, then they'll seek entertainment elsewhere.

At this point, I think the NFL should stop doing the National Anthem completely. If you don't respect it, worse want to bastardize it for your own selfish agenda; then you shouldn't get the pretense that you honor it in anyway. Those they served in the military know what a privilege it is to salute the flag. Take away the NFL's privilege, if they can't grasp the honor given to them. In the meantime, I will take away the NFL's privilege to my entertainment time.

Methadras said...

Who the fuck uses the phrase 'Word on the street' anymore?

Sixty Grit said...

I did - you can see it right up there ^.

Leland said...

Oh frack, did I really write "This", when I meant "dis"? No. I just use my worthless iPhone for browsing at work (Lem's site isn't blocked, but other blogs are). Anyway, I disagree about the significant impact.

I also think Apple has lost its way, but before I say I'll never buy another iPhone; I might also mention the future of cellular seems to be like cable; you rent your device or spend hundreds or thousands to buy it. So I might not just buy a smartphone in the future. Which might seem great to others; because I won't comment, at least during the day. But none of you get off the hook, because I can still reach Lem's.

Some Seppo said...

The NFL has a policy to not broadcast the attention whores who run onto the field from the stands in order to prevent copycats. They should implement that policy for National Anthem squatters.