Monday, September 26, 2016

Carr: Debate fix is in... For Hillary Clinton

The difference between debates and Super Bowls is that at kickoff, the score is even, 0-0. Tomorrow night at 9, Hillary Clinton starts with at least a 14-0 lead, maybe 17-0. That’s her built-in mainstream media advantage.

Vegas wouldn’t touch this one with a 10-foot pole. It’s fixed.

Whatever happens on Long Island, Hillary will immediately be declared the winner by 98 percent of the press. The headlines are already written, the phony-baloney polls and focus groups are ready to roll.

Hillary has to accomplish only two feats in Hempstead. The first one is to get off a couple of canned zingers for her adoring fans in social media to run with Tuesday morning.

What’s the over/under on how many minutes it will take her to say, “I’m a grandmother”? Comrade Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell will lap it up with a spoon. Oh, she so humanized herself, blah blah blah.

Hillary’s second task may prove more daunting: She has to remain vertical for 90 long minutes, with no oxygen mask or iron lung up there on the stage. (More)


edutcher said...

Have to disagree.

First, she has to appear human, not drugged and scripted.

Second, she has to be able to relate to the peasants, even to the point of making them liking her.

Third, no eyes crossing, head flipping, coughing, cackling, or leakage.

Fourth, she's not the wonk she thinks she is. Trump, who's lived in the real world all his life, probably knows a lot more than she does.

To that end, remember several Natural Laws.

First Law of Hillary: Nobody likes her.

Second Law of Hillary: The more people see of her, the less they like her.

On the subject of terror and illegals, never forget Venckman's Law: You will have saved the lives of millions of registered voters.

On everything else, always keep in mind Stantz's Law: I've worked in the private sector. They expect results.

"Hillary will immediately be declared the winner by 98 percent of the press."

That would be fine if this was '76 or even '92.

It isn't. The day the TV crowd could tell anybody who lost is over.

ricpic said...

Holt: It appears that Mrs. Clinton has fallen.

Clinton: No Lester, I've gone to one knee in prayer for America should That Man win.

Trump: While my opponent gathers her strength Melania will entertain you with a fan dance.

* Audience Bursts Into Spontaneous Applause *

Dad Bones said...

I wonder what sort of drug cocktail she'll be served to manage the seizures, coughing, and fainting, yet allow her to appear to be wide awake and healthy.

ndspinelli said...

ricpic, LOL.

ndspinelli said...

Of course the MSM has a blitzkrieg in place. But, they had it in place and ran the blitz in the UK for Brexit. We saw how that worked. The big story is not Trump winning, it is the death of the MSM. They have discredited themselves w/ people who up until now were not attuned to politics and how the MSM operates. I don't just associate w/ conservatives. I engage w/ people from the full spectrum. Those regular folk who just work hard, mind their business, and don't concern themselves much w/ TV, are appalled @ what they see regarding the treatment Trump is getting. They aren't motivated to the degree some are here. But, they will vote for Trump, as will I.

You know Hillary will be wearing heavy duty Depends tonight.

edutcher said...

If you can believe this (and it's a big "if"), it's a tie in (are you ready?) MN.

If true, it means almost any state is in play. Asking a lot, I realize, although Breitbat ran a story about the lack of support for Frumpty in Brooklyn.

FWIW, also consider this. Both ME and NE allocate electoral votes similar to the way primaries are done - the 2 Senate seats go to the winner, but Congressional seats go to the candidate who won them. Imagine what that would do to the Demos and their reliance on big city states.

bagoh20 said...

The MSM behavior regarding Trump is part of why he's doing better lately. People see him as the underdog now, being treated unfairly by the system and those connected to Hillary -who seem to be the entire MSM. Some of us expected exactly opposite, where Hillary would benefit from the idea that she's being bullied by a big mean patriarch. The media has blown that - at least so far.

edutcher said...

PS To clarify, the winner of a given Congressional district receives its electoral vote. The one who takes the most districts wins the state.

Lem said...

The "why am I not 50 points ahead" quip was a signal to debate moderators, 'come to my rescue'.

Is that sexist, to say that?

bagoh20 said...

The debate has the feeling of an WWF match or reality TV where everyone really hopes something terrible happens to somebody, and will be disappointed if it doesn't. I'm not proud of it, but that's my hope too. I just hope it's not Trump. I feel this election has contributed to the percentage of evil in my heart, and I'm not the only one affected.

edutcher said...

The Donald will still be trolling Frumpty tonight as he invites Gold Star mom, Benghazi survivor Mark Geist, and generals Mike Flynn and Keith Kellogg to the debate.

AprilApple said...

I predict lots of robotic smiles from queen corruptocrat.
Lester likes Hillary and feels bad when people are mean to her. That's who we get as a moderator.

AprilApple said...

Other prediction: Questions about Hillary's private server will be left on the table.

AprilApple said...

*on the table = they won't be asked by Lester.

MamaM said...

I can't bear to listen to Hillary. Her lying and spinning causes me to feel dizzy and sick. I don't have the heart for it.