Monday, September 19, 2016

It's not just for repelling Vampires anymore!

Husband claims wife attacked him over open jar of garlic

It’s bad for your breath, but a Connecticut man learned the hard way that garlic can also be hazardous to your health.
Raffaele Agovino has filed a $5 million lawsuit accusing his wife of battering and bruising him — all because he griped about an open jar of garlic in the fridge.
The 59-year-old real-estate developer claims in court papers that his estranged wife, Lidia, snapped in April 2015 after he “noticed the presence of garlic” in the icebox at home and told her it “had been left open.”
Lidia Agovino, 56, began “yelling, screaming, and/or harassing” Raffaele, and when he tried to walk away, she attacked him with a wine glass, the Manhattan federal court suit alleges
Speaking to The Post Saturday, Lidia Agovino said “yeah, we had a big fight and other things,” she said.
But she said the federal case was news to her.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Jar garlic sucks and it is a justification for violent reaction.

Powdered or granulated garlic is marginally ok in an end of the world circumstance, but go fresh or go home when it comes to garlic.

edutcher said...


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

ed, make garlic great again.

Trooper York said...

Fraccia brutta!

Sixty Grit said...

So I got a notion to buy a suit. Don't know why, I figure I can get one in really dark blue and that will serve all of my suiting needs for the rest of my days.

I pause to consider where I might purchase such an item - living in the piney woods means things that city slickers take for granted are rare around here, you know, like shoes and shoe stores, much less tailors.

A simple search turns up a store that is in the nearby gigantic mall, which sounds convenient. Then I notice that they have "classic". "trim" and "extra trim" sizes, the latter for end stage TB patients, as near as I can tell.

I was hoping to find something that fit better than Peewee Hardwick's comedy costume, and, should one have the notion, disguise the fact that one has a .357 K frame S&W with a 5.75" barrel in a shoulder holster, not that I would know about such things, mind you.

But no, if one carried so much as Montblanc fountain pen in one's pocket Mae West would be all over you.

So the conundrum becomes one of - where does one find a tactical suit that looks good in church?

Also, I eschew garlic.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

SG: Any Men's Wearhouses or Jos.A.Banks in driving distance? They often have suits (decent ones) for well under $500 if you hit a sale and in a variety of sizes. They do tailoring too. I am sure you could find a decent blue wool suit.

ampersand said...

Also, I eschew garlic.

Gesundheit. But you no supposed to put da garlic uppa you nose.

Sixty Grit said...

I bought a suit at Jos A. Bank back in '92. It still fits, but many moths have raised many young moths on its wooly goodness. But they got weird with their "Buy one, get 11 suits free" or whatever their perpetual promotion was. I want one suit. Not two, not three - one. I am willing to pay for it. I don't want things I don't need or won't use. Very odd business model they have going on there.

The guy who ran Men's Wearhouse supported the Occupy movement, so they won't get a cent of my money.

I will keep shopping, either that or the urge to buy a suit will pass.

West Valley Mall in San Jose had a nice suit shop, at least it did last time I was there in the mid-'90s. Also, there were some nice suits for sale in Florence, but I haven't been there this century.

Next stop - Goodwill!

Jim in St Louis said...

I like Brooks Brothers for a decent all around good suit. But just plan it out and call ahead to catch a sale or discount. Worth the wait.

Garlic results are tied to how the garlic is prepared. If you 'smash and pulverize' then the taste will be explosive. If you 'peel and slice' the flavor will be sharp but contained. If you slow roast- you'll get a gooey, mellow reaction. and if you sauté it comes out with a bitter fried taste.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Maybe get one of those traveling Hong Kong tailors to make you a suit from scratch. Since you are only getting one, indulge and get something really good.

#Make Blue Suit Great Again

Brooks Brothers is also very good.

Adamsunderground said...

It's never only about the garlic. Sometimes it's about the lid. That stamped sheet of metal, threaded to mate with the glass jar, whose purpose is to hold the contents in--no matter how much the jar despises it for conforming.

If there's a higher power, there will be recycling, if not redemption.

MamaM said...

If there is a Macy's nearby, they might be worth a look. I haven't been in years, but heard from an artist friend who hates to shop and needed something to wear to a gallery opening and peer review, that she found clothing that fit and looked understated but elegant in their designer collections.

Who's to know, however if they still carry elegant, classic suits for men along with the pinched, too short, too small look that's current style.

chickelit said...

As recently as several months ago, someone here told a very good joke about buying off the rack suits. I recall that even Troop was mildly offended because the joke hit a nerve.

Sixty Grit said...

Pinched, too short and too small - well said. Seriously, those suits look more like clothes for a hand puppet or ventriloquist's dummy - very Charley McCarthy.

I need something a bit more voluminous. Where do the Secret Service boys shop?

If I drive to town I will check the mall - there is a Macy's there and a Nordstrom's - heck, there even used to be a Jos A. Bank there, too. Wonder if they are still in business.

And all this talk about Brooks Brothers reminds me of my ex-BiL - he shopped at their Manhattan store back in the '60s. I once ended up with a BB overcoat of his - man, talk about nice! Wonder whatever happened to that coat...

Adamsunderground said...

As recently as several months ago, someone here told a very good joke about buying off the rack suits. I recall that even Troop was mildly offended because the joke hit a nerve.

If it was a Taylor Stiffed gag, you can see how it may fit uneasily on some

Adamsunderground said...

Almost but not quite, maybe it'll break in with wear

Sixty Grit said...

I think the punch line was "Robert Hall".

That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Of course that joke can be modified to suit the audience - if "The second Punic war" dies, go with "Battle of the Monocacy" - that line kills in Fredneck county.

Chip Ahoy said...

Garlic is weird.

You can slice it fry it without it becoming bitter, by letting it flavor the oil then removing the slices before they burn. It's burning that makes them bitter, not slicing and frying.

Conversely, you can push everything else aside and create an open space in the middle of the pan, add oil or butter to the spot for a separate puddle and add garlic slices or crushed garlic at the end. Again, the trick (?) is not allowing it to burn.

Chef's bias against garlic presses is that it does only one thing. And it gets lost in a busy kitchen. Blah.

You can smash a clove 3/4 to loosen the tight paper and the paper will slip right off. Or you can rub a clove between your hands to do the same thing that the rubber tube garlic peeler does.

Then finally to rid garlic odor from your fingers or hands you can rub your fingers across your rinsed steel knife. Somehow steel removes garlic odor. A steel faucet works too. Try it sometime. It's a amazing.

Here's how to test what I said. Peel a garlic clove and cut it holding the clove in your fingers. Push it off the knife using your fingers. Then rinse your fingers and pick your nose. I meant to say smell your fingers. They smell like garlic. Then rub your fingers across a rinsed steel knife or your faucet and pick your nose again I meant to say smell your fingers again. Proof! Right there.

And you'l be all, "What, what? This nose picking test I meant to say finger sniffing test really works! That dope was right for once."

MamaM said...

If, and I say if, I try this and it works, Fucksocks will be my honoring response, which will probably come out more like Focksoxs depending on how fast my fingers leave my nose.