Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Hungry startup uses robots to grab slice of pizza"

"We're going to eliminate boring, repetitive, dangerous jobs, and we're going to free up people to do things that are higher value," said co-founder Alex Garden, a former Microsoft manager and president of mobile game maker Zynga Studios.
"We automate those repetitive tasks, so that we can spend more money on higher quality ingredients," said Julia Collins, Zume's CEO and cofounder. "There will always be a model here at Zume where robots and humans work together to create delicious food."

Charity Suzuki regularly uses the Zume mobile app to order pizza. She isn't bothered by the robot cooks.

"It's delicious. It's always hot and fresh when it comes," Suzuki said. "I can't tell the difference that it's made by a robot versus a human."


bagoh20 said...

I'll tell you what job needs automation: Pregnancy, childbirth and child raising. It's hard messy work with serious quality issues and low pay. Besides it would do more than anything else to provide equality for the sexes, and we could get rid of this paid maternity leave bullshit.

Women could concentrate on getting and staying hot while making extra money to buy us guys stuff. Win/win.

bagoh20 said...

One word, son: "incubators".