Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Giving Voice to the ‘Silent Sorrow’, What miscarriage really feels like"

"People often describe the build-up to pregnancy as “a roller coaster ride,” and that’s sort of accurate, assuming there’s a vacuum hose that gets implanted in your brain at the beginning of the ride, and at a designated point it starts sucking out your happiness and well-being. For women trying to conceive, there’s nothing sweeter than getting the news, that sweet news, that You Are Pregnant. If you’ve been waiting months or years, the joy is compounded by smooth, nectarous relief."
Immediately, your life starts to change. The problems and furies and hurts of the past and present dissolve, and the world reconfigures itself to be entirely about the future. A baby is coming, and it will be yours...

And suddenly, it all goes to Hell.
Excerpt of an article by Melissa Lafsky Wall appearing in Modern Loss.


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

In the Van Morrison song "Saint Dominic's Preview" there's a reference to everybody feeling so determined not to feel anybody else's pain.

In context it seems like it's a description of a beautiful, or at least a desirable, thing.

I sort of get that but I sort of don't.

Birches said...

I haven't had any problems conceiving, so I really can't understand the anguish of having a miscarriage. I sympathize. It's got to suck.