Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You are transparent. I see plans within plans.

The comparison is wrought, I admit that, the situation is more linear than that, it is more like plan after plan after plan, this then this then this, and if you can manage all that simultaneously.

And then it is the Blaze, alway incendiary and bit prideful of their outraged arsonous ways, and with a hideous website with obnoxious autoplay adverts all over the place. The one remark that sticks out in the item is this:
“As with always, always with this administration – don’t worry about what they’re doing right now. Look to the future, what is coming your way.”
It reminds me of my sister. That right there did. It is like a horrible marriage. I actually used to pray, "Lord, why am I vexed with this twisted sister?" She was like the punishment for asking such questions. One day in my early teens I was present when my twisted sister was picking on Mum and I noticed her attacks were bizarrely not related. She was not trying to reach an agreement. She didn't care about understanding. She jumped straight from one attack to another. Her aim was evoking emotion, pure and simple, and she would not be satisfied until she observed signs of it. While Mum was formulating a reasonable response Sis used the time to formulate a new irrational attack, unrelated it throws one off guard by requiring a reformulated response, if you are rational and aim for understanding, and that time is used for another unrelated attack. It was the most illogical thing I was ever held fascinated by and it had Mum in tears in just a few rounds. Score! 

My younger sister taught me right then in that moment how to deal with her, completely irrationality. I couldn't wait to try it out. On her. On her alone. 

And I did. And it works. Works brilliantly because it is completely irrational. And toxic. It is a form of irrational toxicity. Goes like this: Attack irrationally. It can be anything. Anything at all. Something hurtful and irrational. "Your lips are always chapped." It's ridiculous, just throw a mudpie and allow a response and form a new attack, "And you leave your clothes all over like a pig." Allow her to contradict. Allow her to say how tidy she is and how dirty you are in comparison. Don't take it any  further, don't bother trying to score debating points in a rational way, just aim and fire, "You'd still have all your teeth if you bothered to brush." She's a fighter and she will attack back but let them bounce, don't hear them, don't respond at all, you are all mouth and no ears. Get her going on personal concerns. "No wonder you are divorced twice." And just keep going piling it on, maintaining equanimity and poise enjoying her emotions peak to over boil and don't stop until she cries, keeping a detached aloof demeanor while having fun with a puppy slapping it around and making it hurt. 

And inside she'll be going, secretly admiring, "Fucking wow, I'll avoid messing with that guy again. He's even more irrational than me. He's a totally awesome arguer. And he hurts!"  Respect.

Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies, Cato Institute, a libertarian thinky-thought tank originally the Charles Koch Foundation, just to show you... something... something nefarious there for you says Obama lobbied for Senate changes to filibuster in order to protect Kathleen Sebelius.

How so?

By the Independent Payment Advisory Board having the power to do things the Constitution leaves to Congress like enact or impose taxes."

A fifteen member board, that if no one is seated on, if the Senate cannot agree to appoint, then will fall to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.

Answering why she has not lost her job. If she is fired Obama will have to nominate a new Secretary, one who will have to be confirmed. As it is, he can pack the panel with progressives that Republicans must live with for a very long time or have it devolve to Sebelius.

Sebelius would be the first Health and Human Services Secretary who would wield that much lawmaking power and responsibility that IPAB imparts and imbues to the office. It is a lot easier for Obama to just let her stay in place and all those powers fall to her without going through a rigorous selection process because there was no IPAB when whe was nominated.

Cannon said,
“So that board, packed with Democratic appointees, would then be able to run the Medicare program and essentially the whole healthcare sector without much or any oversight by Congress…”


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