Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bass Lion, Reggae Album, Martin Bashir

Yes, that Martin Bashir. Loves Raggae music. Loves it so much wrote a whole album about it.Wanna hear it? Okay goes like this:

You can listen to his whole album, Bass Lion, and buy songs for 99₵ each.

And it is rather good. Four Amazon reviewers rate it 5 stars. But they could be admirers. They could be crackpots whose political fealty overrides their musical sensibility and honesty. What do they say?

* Wicked and wild
Was thinking what does a journalist know about reggae? This is a serious, quality album. Rich various shades. No joke.
* Love it
Want the CD, love Martin on this album
* Great old skool reggae music
exceptionally good reggae album. For those who like old school style reggae (dub, rock-steady, British-style reggae) Seriously. Sounds like 70's Bashir has really good tenor for most of this, some by female and a toastmaster. Bass patterns are rock solid and very old school. Give it a whirl. Cost is cheap. Listen to solidly for a week. Fun album and uplifting.
* Unbelievably Good
Saw Diana interview and problems with Prince Charles. Think he's best political commentator on TV. Never mis his 3PM show on MkSNBC. Pleasantly shocked and surprised to see this man is top notch musician also. Reminiscent of years in London during late 70's. Get this album.

See? They were doing well until that last one veered off as I was expecting the whole time. That there's what you call a self-fulfilled probability.

YouTube Martin Bashir talks about his love for reggae music (56 seconds)

Lovely song titles. Here are a few:
1.) Inspiration (intro)
2.) Give Thanks
3) Jah Help I From Bout Ya
4) Love Of Your Life
5) Shower of Blessings
7) Evevry Likkle Boy <-- spells it that way
10) High Grade Tree
11) Music Over Evyting <-- spells it that way

Sweet titles. Nice titles. Titles that indicate a touching sensitivity about the human condition, whatever that means, songwriters know what that means, perhaps I don't so much but they do, so I would use their superior human condition knowledge to shame him. Every single time. For the rest of his life. No matter how harmless the occasion. I would slip in one or two of those titles into ordinary conversation. "evevry likkle boy" will stick right out and make him go "uh oh" followed  "shower of blessings" slipped in conversationally will smack him on the head and he will feel it, singularly, more than anybody else would because they are his songs. His own sanctimony assures it. Work those titles into any interview with Bashir, his titles. For fun.

If in interviews you do not hear these titles fed back to him, slipped in surreptitiously, as if by accident, and repeated, hammered, then Republicans are simply not trying.


rcocean said...
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rcocean said...

Wow, for a Pakistani-Christian-British person he really knows his reggae music.

I can now see where the Palin hate comes from. Who could be more anti-Reggae-Pakistani-Christian-MSNBC-BBC-British than a Moose hunting Gal from Alaska?

You betcha.

Lem said...

I had no idea.

Nice dig Chip.

Chip Ahoy said...

Curie mossity. It was in wikipedia entry at the end and I go, "what?"

In the video he says he grew up in a large public housing. Exposed to the music there.

I wondered what that looks like but Google images is unhelpful. It could be anything. Oddly, wikipedia suggests born in Wandsworth south London, grew up Handsworth London. There are both of those things and that confused the issue.

Guardian, interesting and positive article

claimed that the only book in his parents' home was a rent book,

¿ what's that?

grew up on a council estate in Battersea

That should bring to mind a large brutish red brick building with a tall white smokestack on each corner as an upturned table. The cover of a rock album, I believe.

Yes. Pink Floyd.

My curie mossity is such that I fired up Google Earth, [battersea london] and look for a large council estate. Bang! And there it is , directly across the river from the Battersea Power Station. Touch "<" for more screenshots of the building.

Sad. All of the photos are on the river-side of the buildings so the well-known Battersea Power Station is photographed repeatedly and not one single photograph for the public housing which is vast. Several blocks all around. Bashir is not kidding when he says large, it is a separate self-contained city. Shops at street level, a maze of apartment buildings, nothing too tall, four or five stories it looks like. Thousands and thousands of flats. Like Tokyo minus the bamboo drying poles on the balconies.

Well. I can see how he can flat not understand Americans.

chickelit said...

His reggae background implies lots ganja and the consequent de Tokeville view of Americans.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I guessed that Martin Bashier was the guy who played a doctor on one of the Star Trek spinoffs but I was wrong.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

That's pronouned Bash-ee-AY.

deborah said...

Interesting. I've never seen his show. For the first time in a million years I watched the Fox line-up last night.

Aridog said...

AS the Huffington Post notes, polemic bullshit sells. He's got an album you say? Shocked. I am just shocked I tell you. The greasy little hobbit assimilated Brit who knows nearly nothing about the USA lectures us on Jamacian slavery. WTF?

But buy his album, heah! Doncha dare miss it.

rcocean said...

Palin has cancelled her interview with Today's Matt Lauer in protest. Quite rightly.

People need to understand that NBC News stands 100% behind MSNBC. There's not difference between them - in substance.

And Bashir has not been disciplined because the MSNBC execs approved his attack on Palin before it went on the air. This in unlike Baldwin's out of office "fag" comment, which earned him a suspension.

chickelit said...

And Bashir has not been disciplined because the MSNBC execs approved his attack on Palin before it went on the air. This in unlike Baldwin's out of office "fag" comment, which earned him a suspension.

It's amazing that NBC hasn't figured out that Baldwin actually attracts more viewers than that cranky ex-pat Brit. The suits at NBC must be seriously in the tank for the sullivanists (who despise both Palin and Baldwin).

rcocean said...

I don't think MSNBC is about "attracting viewers". If it was, then most of their lineup would've been fired long a ago.

NBC can afford to take a loss on MSNBC because the news division - as a whole - is not a loss leader.

MSNBC exists in its current format because the NBC news execs like it that way. They aren't stupid.