Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanks for the memories

I was thinking of a song to sign for the holiday season and something to do with thanks. So while this is not necessarily the best song I could have chosen it's really fun to do in ASL.

Jason Gaffney nails it.

And I mean it. I could not do better myself. 

And right when I was becoming discouraged  too. I was looking for "Mad World," eminently signable, I looked at some fifteen or so videos and I see the kids all over the place. 

Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression
No expression

What kind of glasses? The girls think it is the type of glasses you wear on your face and the boys think it is the type of glass that contains a refreshing beverage.

What kind of expression? Facial Expression? Body expression? One guy does a very good two hands form straight line across the lips, like a table in front of then on both sides of the lips so the lips look like they were pulled into a straight line for a deadpan expression.

And it is a slow song too. Except the Tears for Fears version is faster. One girl does a very good interpretation with the speeded up version. If you stick with it she turns into a tiger. Because she's quite mad, you see. She says the word "no" the way I said "no" emphatically to my friends and cracked them up laughing because it is so childishly wrong. It is like an alligator mouth that starts wide open and snaps shut to an improperly formed "n." and that is wrong, a better one is starting out with a sizzling "n" and snap it into an "o," rudely. But to connote "empty" or "nothing" or "nil" then two "O's" almost touching and shaking together is the best one of all to use in this situation but not used in any of the pages of videos that I watched. 

Unrelated to all that Jason Gafney's video pops up among the search results with a different song altogether and he is best of all. I haven't heard this song Thanks fo the memories until this morning.  

The singer is taunting an ex-lover. Dumped because "he tastes like you only sweeter." 


Perhaps Jason Gaffney has more excellent ASL videos worth looking into. Turns out he does!

Did I say ASL video just now? I meant to say anti-Romney video.


Dust Bunny Queen said...

Finally found it!!!One of the best ASL videos. Was done for a class as a final

It was really hard to find this where the sound hadn't been expunged.

Cee Lo's Fuck You

bagoh20 said...

That's excellent DBQ. How cute is she?

I'm sure the guy is cute in the other video too, but one of the things I'm thankful for this week is my appreciation for the girls. The ladies are awesome in ways I can't even adequately explain, and that video captures one of ways.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

That's excellent DBQ. How cute is she?

Really cute. She is having so much fun with this. I think she got an "A" for the class. It makes me laugh everytime I see that vid.

The Dude said...

ASL is Italian!