Sunday, November 24, 2013

George Takai on Al Jazeera

* Tea Party is crazy.  
* Not just regular crazy, Takei means lunatics
* They closed down government
* Throw people out of jobs
* Hundreds of thousands of people
* Tea party says they're doing it to create jobs. Madness!
* It's like Japanese internment in its madness
* Takei's life shaped by craziness on one side and shiny ideals on another * Democracy memorialized in monuments nearby
* Tea party people do not understand constitution

And that is why George Takei is one flat stupid ignorant arrogant sanctimonious son of a female dog in heat used for breeding purposes, I meant to say a bit misinformed. Takei has his ideals reversed. A polar shift occurred when he wasn't looking, yet he remains fierce, that makes him a dumbass. 

Were Takei in possession of a streak of common sense and were Takei true to his "shiny ideals' he'd join the tea party in their efforts and not criticize them so profoundly ignorantly. And he'd be wary of government that does such miserable things. He would be criticizing progressive government.

If he knew anything at all he'd know that knowing the constitution inside and out is the central focus of tea party activity, with an emphasis on its limitations, not just electing hardliners. They hold classes on that. It is what they are about.

He knows too the Japanese internment was under FDR. Should know. Must know. Or else he really is too stupid to take on. Takei describes the political insanity that formed his own political activism, a touching story that, one damning to progressive politics, but Takei dumbly reverses the positions and then publicly  masturbates to his reversed concept of "shiny ideals."

I think Takei is describing Senate tea party, I'm not sure, even there he is flatly wrong. I don't think it has sunk in those senators are there because regular people not usually involved in politics came alive and put them there. People who are disgusted with just that type of misguided overreach. He is slow on the uptake.
Stick to overacting.



YoungHegelian said...

Wait, within the last week both WaPo & NYT have tried to connect the Kennedy assassination to the Tea Party, without even a shred of historical fact.

So, you're surprised that Takei has problems understanding that FDR was the man behind the Japanese internment?

The internment had nothing to do with government overreach or constitutionality, left or right. The Supreme Court found it constitutional, and it was the tragedy of innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time. WWII had a lot of that, and Japanese Americans didn't get the worst of it by far.

Valentine Smith said...

Here's a guy who more than likely has shoved a flashlight up his ass at some point in his life calling other people crazy. Or a coke bottle. Or a raccoon. Or an antelope.

edutcher said...

The last time he was right was in "The Green Berets".

Third Coast said...

This comment by jennifer a johnson at Legal Insurrection says it best:
Ironic isn’t it that Takei uses the same dismissive hate language that brought about the internment camps.

Unknown said...

Typical idiocy. You know what the left are teaching our kids in the government run schools? That there was nothing worse than the Japanese internment. The left are obsessed with it and in a historically ignorant way.

ampersand said...
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Calypso Facto said...

I enjoyed his Facebook humor, but he immediately got the unfriend when I read his ignorant and obnoxious interview.