Monday, November 18, 2013

Eddie Kramer's Sound Board

Watch this brief clip of Eddie Kramer explaining Jimi Hendrix' song "Hear My Train A Comin'." Kramer is 71 now and was Jimi's sound recording engineer. He also recorded The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and a slew of other acts. His name used to be all over the credits and liner notes of vinyl LPs.

I'm just cheered to see him still around & staying true to the music. He wrote a book which I just ordered.


bagoh20 said...

That recording is Hendrix at his best.

Michael Haz said...

Great stuff. A good sound board man made as much difference on a recording as a superb musician. Kramer was one of the best.

Can you imagine the studio session tapes he must have in his collection? Wow, to listen to those would be a treat.

A soundman who is also a musician and a producer is a triple whammy. Don Was comes to mind in the moderns era as such a person. Look here at his remarkable list of albums produced.

chickelit said...

There are supposed to be many, many hours of unreleased Hendrix. Kramer has an encyclopedic knowledge of what that is because he helped record it. Hopefully, he talks about that in his book.

chickelit said...

"Red House" and "The Wind Cries Mary" are two other prime examples of Hendrix blues.

chickelit said...

Kramer briefly "air guitars" right when it cuts back to him at 2m 31s.

Check it out!