Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Family's Christmas Display Sets World Record"

"Even with help from their three children, volunteers and friends, it took weeks to install the lights, David Richards says."
"I started in October," he tells ITN, adding that he's taken only one weekend off since he began decorating.

Richards says it costs about $2,291 ($2,500 Australian) each month to power the display. A local renewable energy company is footing the bill.

Guinness World Records officials have certified the Richards' house for having the most lights on a residential property. But the couple say their real goal is to raise money for the charity SIDS and Kids ACT, which helped organize volunteers to install the decorations. The group works to reduce sudden and unexpected death in children.

"The charity is very close to our heart," David Richards tells The Canberra Times. "We lost a child, and SIDS looked after us many years ago."

The Richards' 2011 light show was also part of a charity drive, as they reportedly raised more than $70,000 in donations.
NPR Bill Chappell (video and pictures at the link)


bagoh20 said...

What a Griswold!

Lem said...

They start early downunder.

Aridog said...

Nothing beats the musical synchronized displays:

Music Box Dancer

and the one everyone knows by now...

Wizrds of Winter

I am the original holiday grinch, but these all make me smile.