Sunday, November 24, 2013

Clear, verifiable

Secretary of State John Kerry insists Israel is safer now. The agreement halts in place progress toward development of nuclear weapons. The agreement is not based on trust, but on access and verification. That simple message is repeated throughout. And by repeated, I mean repeated. 

It is the sort of item seen on Hot Air that is most often skipped because both interviewer and interviewee repulse me. Having said that I must admit that Candy Crowley really does make the challenges that right-wing politics is interested in making. It is not a fluff interview. However she accepts the answers at face value without argument and gets along to the next question or charge. And the answers are pablum. Here's a recap:

Verify verify let me be clear verify verify verify, clear verify, clear, verify, clear verify verify clear clear clear verify verify verify better than before, lifting some sanctions will not have an affect, verify, verify, get unstuck, clear verify verify.

The reason I watched is because the display frame appeared obviously cartoonishly Photoshopped to me, as you might exaggerate the jaw of Jay Leno.  I was certain of it. How dare Hot Air Photoshop a video. Is the whole video Photoshopped? What's going on here? That is why I clicked. Turns out, it is not Photoshopped. I was wrong. Kerry's chin really is that comedically rounded and exaggerated all the way through. I cannot quite believe it. Like his whole lower jaw is filled in with fat from his... somewhere else in order to purposefully produce a cartoon, and yet the new arrangement actually does speak. 

And his darting tongue is so incredibly reptilian that I cannot take my eyes off his face. I am absolutely mesmerized by Kerry's lips and lower jaw. I look back at Candy Crowley and the natural repulsion that occurs despite the apparently good questioning drives me straight back to John Kerry's face, and my fascination with his facial tics and cartoon jaw and annoyance at droning about verify verify verify and lipreading a straight line with darting tongue that nonetheless discusses State foreign policy, selling his agreement has me riveted on his lips waiting for the tongue to pop out again. 

Of all the strange videos I've watched this year to date, they're all right there faithfully listed on YouTube history, it's quite incredible, this must be the oddest of all, because this is the face of my American media and this is the face of my American State Department. 

(It's a sales pitch. I sense Candy Crowley does not buy the vacuum cleaner, even if she might suggest she did.)


chickelit said...

He is more convincing that Hillary Clinton ever was at the job.

Remind me why people think Hillary Clinton would make a good President.

edutcher said...

Who ya gonna believe, the Swift Boater with the Purple Owies who threw somebody else's decorations over the White House fence or the PM of Israel who was a decorated commando?

PS That line "his darting tongue is so incredibly reptilian" makes me see Lurch as Satan doing his thing on Crowley's Eve.

(yeah, I know...)

Third Coast said...

Chip, that's a hilarious summation.
Now I guess I have to watch it too.

Birches said...

Secretary of State John Kerry insists Israel is safer now.

Isn't this the epitome of this Administration? Don't believe your lying eyes, we know what's best.

Third Coast said...
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Third Coast said...

The first loophole appeared hours after the new accord was signed:
Iran’s lead negotiator, Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Araghchi, announced that his country’s enrichment rights had been recognized in the negotiations, after which Iranian President Hassan Rouhani praised the supreme leader’s guidelines for achieving world power recognition of Tehran's “nuclear rights.”
However, Secretary of State John Kerry in his first appearance after the signing denied this concession had been made. He said: “The first step, let me be clear, does not say that Iran has a right to enrich uranium."
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov lined up solidly behind the Iranian version of the accord, confirming world recognition had been extended for Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy, including the right for enrichment.

Sounds like the mullahs have found some loopholes in the agreement.

Methadras said...

They all need to be hung.