Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Filibuster change damages courts, federal appeals judge says in op-ed"

Ideologues pose a unique risk for courts,” Wilkinson writes. “Judicial institutions run on custom and practice as well as rules, and the public depends on a certain judicial dispassion, which recognizes the difference between disagreement on substance and fraying the very understandings by which we operate. Taking disagreements personally, believing oneself in sole and permanent possession of the truth can, in countless ways, delay dispositions and corrode the quality of justice. This is one thing a bipartisan confirmation process has, for decades, helped to prevent.”

ABA Journal, Washington Post OpEd via Instapundit.


bagoh20 said...

Watch this grow into full blown panic in 2014.

Methadras said...

Of course ideologues pose a unique risk to the courts. It's fucking Democrats who did this. Fuck are these fools just tone deaf or the walking dead?

edutcher said...

Petard, meet hoist.