Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Babe Abides

"So keed what are we gonna do. Go rowing,"
"Sure Babe. Welcome to Hawaii. I want to teach you to row the catamaran. Surf the big wave. You are the Big Kahuna my friend."
"Thanks anyway chief. But I only want to take a couple of publicity shots and then I am going back to the room. Send me up a gallon of whiskey, five dozen oysters and a couple of those hula girls. You can get Gehrig to row for you.  He is into punishment. You should meet his mother. Book the room Danno."


Lem said...

What is this? a Yankee hangout?

Yankees suck. Everybody knows that.

Trooper York said...


Hope all is well with you my brother.

You need to put up some Red Sox posts.

Of course I know you can not.

Because as we all know Boston Sucks!!!!!!

Happy Opening Day!

Lem said...

You mean Happy Opening day world series champs Boston Red Sox!

Sixty Grit said...

Is that Duke Kahanamoku?

I always thought the Hawaiian language should merge with Polish or some other Eastern Euro language - Hawaiians have nothing but vowels the others have too many consonants. They need to average things out.