Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Indoor cannabis

Comments on YouTube indicate this is a favorite episode for followers. They enjoy seeing these two people together. Obviously the information applies to all gardens and the offer at the end really is valuable. I went to Boogie  Brew site and viewed the page for John's subscribers and compared with Amazon prices. Best to buy the most because the savings per increment are near exponential. John is featured on the Boogie Brew page mentioned at the end of this video. (John really does take a lot of guff in his comments. His followers tease him a lot.)

Prices for the combination boxes that includes all the products shown in the video.
3 LBS. $70.00
6 LBS. $100.00
16 LBS. $140.00 (See? Two 6 LBS. would be $200 + 3 LBS. at $70.00 would be 15 LBS. @$270.00. This forces you to buy 16 LBS. to save $130.00. It's like they're telling us to stop bothering them with small amounts.)

Free shipping.

16 LBS of Boogie Brew alone on Amazon is $120.00. So directly from Boogie Brew you get all the other products for $20.00, (4 LBS. Primo, Hydrolysate, 4 LBS Frass, 4 LBS Rainbow Mix).

We're talking about turning your stupid old dead dirt into living microbe-rich black soil.

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Amartel said...

Here in Cali Cartel, and probably in other pot states as well, the state only allows a certain amount of home growing, the better to make people buy the stuff and pay tax.
Nice job, potheads!