Sunday, March 24, 2019

Kale near top of 'dirty dozen' produce list

Uh oh. The vegetable pushed so obnoxiously as the superfood. Now in trouble for having too much pesticides. Ranked third after strawberries and spinach.

What a bummer!

Now we have to switch to mustard greens and chards.

Or you can grow kale yourself.

Here's the thing, you prepare an area of loose ground and bury a few seeds and water them, boom, kale garden.

And you can get extravagant as you like with amended soils, compost, worm castings, organic fertilizers, what have you.

This is the shortest video I could find. It says exactly what you expect it to say.

Buy seeds here. MIgardener has unusual heirloom seeds as Baker Creek does except at 1/3 the cost.


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ricpic said...

Believe it or not dirty kale is a big crisis in foodie world, or at least among salad eating foodies. I read about it recently in the NY Post, which features a special food section, every Tuesday I think it is. Anyway, there was a huge spread full of denunciations of kale and praise of kale and restaurants that specialize in salad (yes, there are at least half a dozen such in Manhattan) telling about what lengths they're going to to obtain clean was hysterical, in both senses of the word.