Friday, March 15, 2019


Beware the ides of March

That means "middle," right?


I know, right? 
Boy, that snow comes down and it's all wet and heavy
And you're thinking, hey, this is gonna melt.
And it does melt.
Then it freezes that night and your chariot goes skidding all over the place
and crashes and you end up in hospital.

You think this is funny?
You could have been more specific.


MamaM said...

Is this a general warning, or did something untoward in the past slid you to the edge of the shelf?

MamaM said...

Slide, not slid. Missing the "Eeeeeeeeee" that goes with slide.

edutcher said...

Julie shoulda stayed in Egypt with the Greek babe.

rhhardin said...

The Ides is the 13th, except in March May July and October, when it's the 15th.

Julius may have not remembered the rule right. MMJO.