Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hey, bud.

Three segments of dragonfruit from an independent vendor on Amazon came with no roots.

So the segments had to grow those first. 

It's been a month, it seems like, but only watered three times. They like to dry out between waterings, but not for too long like regular cactus do. The last time I watered them I thought, "Hey! Why not give it some organic fertilizer even though its roots are only just started?" 

The bud showed day before yesterday as a mere bump. This is two days growth.

For me this is exciting as seeing plants come out of the dirt. It gets me every time.

I bet my other self $10.00 that the remaining two segments grow buds within a few days. I figure, either way how can I lose? 

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Amartel said...

Hey Bud, let's party!
There's another spicoli quote that's appropriate here.