Monday, March 25, 2019

The Eloquent Peasant, Episode 2, Setting Out

For a peasant the guy isn't all that bad off. Although I'll admit the stuff he's packing seems a bit odd. This segment is basically a list of things that he packed on his donkeys.

It's also an odd portion of the book. The text is derived from five papyri but only the most significant are used. But not all of them are translated, and there are portions that are translated but missing in the book as hieroglyphs. There is a long horizontal sentence and a tall narrow column of items. It's actually easy to read but tricky to put into a video. It had to be chopped up.

* The guys comes from an oasis called Oxen-Land, 200 miles west of the Nile Valley.
* He's packing stones. Probably smooth ones used in slingshots.
* The resin is probably something like amber
* Probably packing sparkling minerals.
* One of the plants is "earth hair" probably some kind of grass.
* Some of the plants are unknown.

I drew a donkey for you to compensate for its shortcomings.

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ricpic said...

Arugula, huh? There have always been peasants who were well off. Stalin classified them Kulaks and killed them off in their millions for the crime of being well off.