Saturday, March 16, 2019

Arizona garden

You guys in Arizona are lucky.

Apparently this is before he got his banana tree.

He mentions John Kohler a couple of times. We've seen some his videos. Originally through juicing and then through gardening.

I have a lot of friends in Phoenix but they're not into gardening. 

One bought a house that came with an orange orchard. Too much trouble for him. He was happy to get rid of most of the trees. 

The way the trees are watered is a truck comes and floods the whole property once a year. Maybe twice a year. But then he has to pick up the oranges. He's too old for that. It's a pain in the beau tox. He gets rid of them by setting up a stand by the road in front of his property with a sign that says pay what you want and put the money in this coffee can. 

"So how does that work out?"



Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Mint in the ground - brave.

I love the kitty rescue enclosure.

MamaM said...

What's the poorly part? People don't pay? Or they don't want his oranges?

MamaM said...

Or maybe they don't like determining their own price?

Chip Ahoy said...

I don't know. I suppose they didn't pay what they're worth, or people took money that previous people left.

From his p.o.v. the idea was to get rid of the oranges, so whatever, it worked.

My attitude would be different. I'd turn the whole place into a garden that grows all kinds of things. All mixed up between vegetables, fruits, flowers, berries and foliage plants. Plus a way for a dog to run around the entire perimeter.

But he is just not into it.

And neither is anyone else that I know who lives there.

The heat must get to people and push them them down to inactivity.

Even the guy in the video mentions 3 times that it's 110 degrees. Meaning you must be insane to even be outside.