Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Glenn Greenwald, an honest reporter

Is Glenn Greenwald the only honest liberal reporter there is? It seems so. His Twitter timeline has been on fire since the Muller report was handed off to Bill Barr. Watch Greenwald take on David K Johnston.

Much as I dislike both of these people, Amy Goodman and David Johnston, they both must be watched to have the contrast between Johnston and Greenwald. Goodman is just a little bit too impressed with the liberal award Pulitzer Prize and just a little to well chuffed with the intellectual dispute she created by bringing the two men together. Her smile is a thing of real horror.

Watch Johnston spew all that he knows about Trump. Then watch Greenwald make Johnston look small.

Johnston is distracted, Greenwald is on point.

The thing is, though, Greenwald's concern is about journalism's reputation, not about the success of the United States. He doesn't seem to care about the corruption of the Democrat party, nor their corrupting American government,  just the corruption of media.

OMG, Amy Goodman's voice alone is enough to drive you right up the wall.

Here's another video on Greenwald's Twitter feed. Here again, to appreciate it you must actually bear with all the people you actively avoid for all the reasons they show now compressed into just a few minutes. It's not enjoyable.

I've heard Greenwald mention a few times that Rachel Maddow makes $10M a year for crap reporting. She's providing what her audience wants. That makes me think Greenwald resents Maddow's success with craptastic reporting while Greenwald makes much less providing good journalism. In this world at present good journalism just doesn't pay. Maddow is glaringly absent from the above video. She has her own separate videos that satire her bizarre form of madness and by extension the viewers who consume it and make her wealthy for providing for their disjointed need.


rhhardin said...

He isn't honest, just looking for a niche in the entertainment business that news always is and always will be.

There's no market for hard news. There's soap opera on the left, and reports on the left's soap opera on the right. Both would disappear without the left's fake narratives.

edutcher said...

When you deal with Lefties, honest is a relative term.

ricpic said...

Barr was "interpreting" the Mueller report? Right away you know you're dealing with a liar in Johnson or Johnston.

Chip Ahoy said...

Thank you, ricpic. Corrected in all five million places.

MamaM said...

I appreciated the video link and the specifics that made up this invitation to watch.

Watch I did, valuing Greenwald's ability to stay on topic and press his point.

However, after waiting for Goodman's voice to drive me up the wall and her smile to bring on a sense of real horror, I found neither her voice or her smile had the power to do anything other than add to my overall impression of a seemingly intelligent older woman with silver hair, minimal make-up and no tight dress, or bare arms in March, doing a credible job of hosting this discussion.

Greenwald's use of the term "fascination" caught my attention as fascination involves a feeling state of intense interest", with intensity being the energy flag that alerts those experiencing it that something other than the topic of focus is most likely involved.