Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mizu Izkaya

Izkaya means bar in the Japanese sense with the meaning of "meeting place" and would equate with British pub or old time American saloon. So then, "water bar." 

Yelp did it again. Their theme this week is "Ramen bowls" and they pointed out three places in my area that I didn't know about. One is in my old neighborhood in walking distance from my previous apartment and previous house in the same Baker neighborhood. This restaurant and another ramen bowl place are within blocks of each other in the Highlands neighborhood. They've got a lot of really cool places up there on a hill overlooking downtown. It used to be called Little Italy then became mostly Latino and now it's been ... oh, how do you say ... what's the word for it ... gentrified. 

With white people and Asians all over the place. The whole area is lousy with them. Up and coming ambitious youngsters. Just look at 'em. 

They're gorgeous!

Of the three places that Yelp highlighted for me, Mizu Izkaya is mas autentico. I meant to say, "homono no, " that is, real, authentic.

And it's just so slutty

There are 670 photos on Yelp. I only looked at 100. 

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