Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cement planter

Video best on speed X2. You can skip, skip, skipity doo dah for a 3 minute video and not miss anything.

* They don't show forming the base or making the hole

* They press the natural leaf pattern into the cement leaves then erase the faint patterns by smoothing the cement leaf onto the cement bowl. They could have used the natural leaf to press the cement leaf onto the cement bowl to reinforce the natural pattern. 

* She missed a leaf scratching in the vein patterns.

* Could have formed branches in distorted "Y" shapes to break up the pattern.

* Could have formed a cement lizard.

* The bowl needn't be pure cement. The material could be lighter hypertufa. 
     * 3 parts perlite
     * 3 parts peat moss
     * 2 parts Portland cement
     * cement pigment
     * water

* Check out these projects people have done. I suppose it's like anything; you have success with something simple then try something different. Next thing you know, you're putting faces on cement pots. 

Come on, be a sport. Try your hand at being creative. Don't mess around. Make something big.

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