Thursday, March 14, 2019

The key: pressure point

It sort of works.

Cold air and cold water lock up my muscles quickly. They simply don't work. I would certainly drown.


AllenS said...

Plus major shrinkage.

Dad Bones said...

A couple days ago the snow was melting faster than it could get to the storm sewers and one of its options was to come in my back door and run down the basement steps like a waterfall. In all the years I've lived here that's never happened. What to do? Like right now. I remembered I had a tarp in my shed so I got it and of course the shed was flooded for the first time. I folded it in four sections and laid it against the back door and luckily had a small pile of bricks nearby so, like a maniac, I scooped some snow out of the way to get to them and started bringing them over to lay against the tarp. This required standing in ice cold water. My boots are waterproof but not really meant for standing in water for any length of time before my feet started feeling a little damp. And my heavy duty gloves got wet fast but I kept at it.

That all helped but I needed more bricks which my neighbor, who's in the hospital, has so I waded over to his place and borrowed his appliance cart and started hauling bricks. I got enough of them piled on the tarp to significantly slow down the water - and my heartbeat - which was all I could do. By evening the water level in my back yard went down enough that it was no longer a threat.

I could have used a Siberian or two out there but adrenaline got me through it this time.