Sunday, March 24, 2019

Ed Sheeran, Shape of You, ASL

This is Libby Ketterer who goes by the handle, thedailysign. She's self-taught. Then again, aren't we all?

See that backhanded claw motion back and forth when the singer goes aaaah, or makes any non-word sound like eeeeee, or ewwww? It's standard but it gives no clue to the sound the singer is making.


See that motion she makes at the beginning like she's holding a baby and smacking it? That means "music is playing" but it give no indication the instrument is a xylophone. Others use the same sign for "jukebox." 


She shows a keyboard but not a xylophone, although it's probably an electronic keyboard set to xylophone sound. And did you see "follow my lead?" Or, "me lead you?" Or, "you follow me?" No. I saw, "show." 

Compare, a dude this time: 


He's abbreviating everything so much the song veritably disappears. You would not be able to identify the song without the music.  "Follow my lead" is shown as "same," two index fingers next to each others. You can hardly even see throwing back shots.

COME ON! This is your chance to be demonstrative; to show what the song is saying unashamed and with boldness and clarity.

Compare, another dude:

Very nice. Much better. Notice they're all showing "jukebox" as "music?"

Oh well. I suppose a jukebox is music. But the whole thing of putting a quarter in and getting a few songs is forfeited. They could at least say "box." Don't you think?

Compare, another dude.

Very nice.

The different ways of saying "follow my lead" are running the full gamut. "Lead" is the main hand folded over the other hand as a karate chop and pulling it forward. The one woman does "show" to substitute for "example" but there is no "follow my example."  "Follow" is two fists with thumbs up, one following the other. This guy, Jame, such a character, uses index fingers instead. Index fingers always do well to show a person. He is showing "follow" but it's unclear who's leading and who's following, there is no "you" nor "me" to it. The expression is simply "follow."

Had enough?

There's more. We could keep right on comparing. Apparently Ed Sheeran is a favorite singer to interpret. 

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