Sunday, March 10, 2019

Noal Farm: shine muscat grapes

The video itself says "Shain Muscat" but I think the name is actually Shine Muscat.

Noal makes harvesting and processing equipment.

Quality over quantity. They cut off all the clusters, most of the tiny grapes on a branch except one, so that all the energy goes into the end cluster, then they cut out smaller grapes from the final cluster to make room for grapes to grow much larger than usual. Nearly all of the potential grapes are removed so all of the plant's energy is channeled into the few remaining clusters. Then those few thinned clusters remaining are tended with extreme individual care.

Who even does that?

Japanese do. They're maniacs. These grapes are huge, big as plums, they have candy-like sweetness, they last a long time and they're outrageously expensive. Introduced in 2003, worldwide demand for them is growing exponentially.

Mute the video, play something else. Anything else will be better.  Noal has terrible taste in music put on all of their videos.

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Trooper York said...

That was very interesting Chip. Thanks.

I have been to several vineyards and talked to the people who work there and the amount of work that goes into creating wine is very impressive.