Sunday, March 17, 2019

Flooding in Nebraska

Many more videos on YouTube.  People are out with their drones. 


Sixty Grit said...

My father and his family survived the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. This one sounds as bad as that one was.

If I have learned anything, and it's not clear that I have, that is never live in a place that is prone flooding. If water reaches my current dwelling we have bigger problems to deal with.

AllenS said...

I worked at a place that was a road and train tracks from the Mississippi in 1965, and the river rose and flooded the bottom floor. This was a building that the north wall was the side of a cliff, and it was bolted to that wall. I thought at the time, not good. Happened again, but I can't remember the year.

Dad Bones said...

People who commute to and from Omaha are finding roads closed and bridges out. A third of Offutt AFB is underwater and they may have to shut down the Cooper Nuclear Station.

The snow has always melted periodically during an Omaha winter but that didn't happen this year. It kept snowing and the temp stayed below freezing for weeks. Now it's melting while the ground is still frozen.