Thursday, August 3, 2017

What 'nice gesture' annoys you?

Reddit top voted comments...

My damn elderly Grandma wanting to do everything for everyone even though she's 84 and in poor health!

Forcing people to eat more when they don't want to.

Driver stops his car and smiles, gestures for me to cross the street....while there are dozens of other cars speeding by.

When passengers say anything along the lines of, "Oh, you don't have to turn the GPS on, I can guide you!" I understand they're being nice, however, I can't stand it because a majority of the time they don't give me enough warning or guidance.

people asking me, "what's wrong?" everytime i dont look like im as fucking happy as a 5 year old on Christmas

"Cleaning" up my things aka moving my shit around that I constantly use so I can't find it


edutcher said...

That last one is The Blonde's sister-in-law's act. And it's not a "nice gesture". The woman is as dumb as a box of rocks, but she's an awful snoop and gossip and thinks she's the one to run everybody else's lives.

And The Blonde lets her get away with it.

Jim in St Louis said...

When we are biking and cars do not follow the rules of the road. Bikes don't start and stop the same way cars do, and the acceleration is different as well.(duh)
If I'm on my bike and I wave a car to proceed at an intersection and then the driver (thinking they are being nice) instead waves back at ME to go ahead, it messes up the traffic flow for everyone. It is not a contest of who is being nicer, everyone should just follow the established rules.

bagoh20 said...

I have a guy who helps me around the house doing yard work, remodeling, and lancing puss filled boils - that kind of thing. He's always sticking his hands in to help me with stuff when the last hing you need is another hand in the fray. Today we are cutting down a tree in my front yard. I'm buzzing away with a 20 inch chainsaw, and asking him to give me a hand by pulling away the cut wood. He reaches into help me hold the running chainsaw. The last thing you need is an extra hand with a chainsaw. That's specifically why God gave us only two hands. Just then the sky opens up with lighting and thunder and a downpour lasting 5 minutes and drenching us both. I do love Vegas though. 100 degrees and a downpour. You don't even need to change clothes. They just dry right on you.